Does M. Tech Degree Improve Your Career Prospects?

Does M. Tech degree improve your career prospects?
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Most students in India who pursue a career in engineering generally stop after their B. Tech or pursue management programs. M.Tech degrees are available with specialization in both traditional streams like Industrial Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and also modern streams like Aerospace and Avionics. An M.Tech program allows engineers to extend their knowledge in their specialization and go in for research related studies. The program is focused on improving the understanding of a particular area of the engineering studies they have done for their undergraduate program.Does M. Tech degree improve your career prospects?


Benefits of pursuing an M.Tech program

One of the biggest advantages of M. Tech is that develops both technical and managerial skills of candidates. The demand for engineers has been very high in recent years but one of the biggest complaints that engineering graduates have had is the lack of growth opportunities when it comes to managerial roles. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements of an M. Tech program that can boost your career prospects.

Specialized Knowledge

Even though there are specializations in a B. Tech program the technical knowledge that is imparted in the specialization is not enough in the long run. Most importantly students are not taught how to practically apply whatever they learn and apply them. Many engineering streams have specialized software programs related to those streams. These programs need more time to study and develop a strong experience. MTech degree offers such opportunities as the BTech degree tries to give a 360-degree view of the particular discipline to the students.

Career growth

An M.Tech allows engineering graduates to get into managerial jobs which can be difficult with just a B. Tech. Apart from the growth opportunities, the practical research that is conducted by M. Tech students allows them to build a strong network in the industry and have a competitive advantage over engineering graduates. BTech students generally enter the industry at entry level and take a long time to reach the managerial position. In contrast, the Mtech students owing to their in-depth technical skills and more experience, tend to join at mid-level and easily get into managerial roles.

Value addition

Mtech adds a lot of value to the profile of an engineer especially those who are not from IITs. MTech students are selected from national level entrance test, and hence getting into an MTech program itself is a proof of the higher academic capability of a student. Needless to say that IITs are a big brand well respected in the industry.

MBA vs. M. Tech

MBA programs have a much less technical angle to the degree as compared to MTech. For this reason, certain industries like infrastructure and manufacturing are likely to prefer MTech candidates for middle management roles. Mtech degree is more respected in these industries, especially for research and engineering-oriented departments.


Over time if you want to shift to research-based jobs or want to work in a top tier engineering consultancy firm or even become a teacher at engineering colleges, you would require an M. Tech. Academia tends to prefer Mtech candidates to PhDs for teaching since MTech programs are thought to be more grueling and these candidates have proven their worth at national level by cracking GATE.

Better core industry jobs

Many engineers have gotten into IT services companies since software services industry took off in India. They soon realize that they got a raw deal since they really do not capitalize on their engineering skills. MTech can provide viable options to many engineers who want to get into core jobs related to their area of study. It does take 2 years but they do not necessarily start at a salary as low as a BTech.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get into a good Mtech program but demand for MTech graduates is increasing in the industry with the recent boom in software product industry. Those who get into jobs straight out of college should also consider getting into an MTech program considering its benefits.

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