10 Ways to Bring Style to Your Bedroom

Bedroom style change
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For most of the people bedroom is not just a place in your where you sleep at night. It is much more than a resting place- room where you can relax on your idle days, a place which is your own and where no one can disturb you, a place where you can dance to your heart’s content in hiding as nobody can disturb you- bedroom is a personal space which is dear to everyone.

Bedroom style change
While you are comfortable living at your regular bedroom, redecorating it can help you bring a change in your lifestyle and can create an environment of relaxation. The way you decorate your room reflects your personality. Nowadays, many online stores are selling various stuffs which can help you to bring style to your bedroom. You can always shop online on stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Limeroad, Snapdeal, eBay, etc. to but quirky and stylish things to decorate your same old room.


10 Ways to Style Your Bedroom

1. Choose a colour palette for your room

Choosing a colour palette or colour combination for your bedroom is the first step towards the redecoration. Instead of going for haywards colour combinations like pink and green walls with blue bed and purple floor, you should sit with a colour brochure and select a palette for your room. Choose a basic colour and style your room incorporating with its colour family. It is okay to mix up your monotonous bedroom with some healthy colour scheme.

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If you aren’t a fan of white or any other light colours, you can always add some bright colours like red and orange with white walls. People are also opting for more subtle and classy pastel colour combination nowadays for their walls and furniture.

Reasons to change the colour palette

Adding a different colour scheme to your bedroom would exude comfort. Adding colours according to your preference whether it is warm or cool shaded of colour- at the end the whole environment of your room naturally gravitates and give you a sense of calm.

2. Opting for wallpapers

While colouring your wall is an age old classic move to bring a change in your room, opting for wallpapers certainly brings style in you r room. Wallpapers are a material that is used for decorating the interior of your wall. It is a simple lining paper which comes with different design, texture, patterns, etc. and is pasted on your walls. Opting for wallpapers can be less expensive than re-colouring the every wall of your room.

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Wallpapers bring a sense of style to your room as they are available in various designs and patters. One should always choose wallpaper according to their personal taste and preference. Women can always opt for the classic floral printed wallpaper with pastel background and men can choose wallpapers with intricate design and pattern with black, white and red background.

Reasons to opt for wallpapers

One of the best reasons to opt for wallpapers is that it is way less expensive and pocket friendly than colouring. You can also change it in every couple of years to keep up with the on-going trends. You can also change it on your own and save small money for labour charges.

3. Add more lights

What is the most frustrating as well as monotonous thing about bedroom? It is having just one overhead light to support the lighting of the whole space. Adding more lights in your room gives it a warm and cosy feeling. There are multiple ways of adding light to your room like- bedside laps, chandeliers, etc. People who have rooms with light colour scheme should go for lights with white or transparent wire, and people with darker coloured rooms should choose lights with clear wire to make it stand out.

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Designer lamps and lights have become a necessity when you are re-working on your room. Adding the dimmer, bedside lamps, several fixtures throughout the rooms and small warm light chandelier bring out the uber style statement of your room. You can also ass ordinary Christmas lights to give your room a fairy tale look on your bed head stand to make your space look more comfortable.

Reasons to add more light

The idea of adding multiple lights of various sizes works for everyone. Adding soft lightning in your room gives you a sense of comfort. One can always decorate their rooms with small fairy lights which are easily available in shops. They are very pocket friendly and comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours like flower design, butterfly design, galaxy designs, etc.

4. Add art work

Why leave the walls of your room empty? The best way to decorate the bare walls of your room is by adding art work! Best place to hang them? Just on the walls above your bed. You should keep your bedding simple and natural and go bold with kind of paintings or art work you want to hang in your room to bring more drama.

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One does not really have to go overboard with the art in their room. Just choose something that would complement your personality and replicate your personal style. Hanging just one piece of art is enough to add style to your room. You could also opt for hanging art which would match your bedding scheme or go for the neutral style like the hints of gold and silver.

Reasons to add art work

It makes your bedroom more personal and way more interesting. For people who want to opt for more budget art work can always hang graphic print quilts to cover the big blank walls of your room. The key is to add art work- whether it is by someone famous or your own creativity! Just pick something that speaks to you and brings out the hidden creative designer in you.

5. Adding texture to your room

There are times when you look at your room and feels like something is missing, even with the perfect colour scheme, furniture and art work? Well, the answer to your dilemma is texture! Textures can be considered as an important afterthought for your room as it makes your space stand out. It complements the design and interior of your room.

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There are various texture enhancing methods to make you room pop out like using tiles and glasses, rich looking fabrics on the headstands of your bed, reclaimed woods on furniture, etc. One can also reupholster a chair, couch or headboards to stylish textures to their space. Choosing heavy weight materials like velvet, suede and leather creates a rich and luxurious space to your room.

Reasons to add texture

Having textures in your room adds more dimensions to your space and gives your rooms a design character. It provides a balance to your otherwise bland looking space and gives the whole environment a rich and upscale aura, which is also vital for your confidante boost.

6. Choosing antique over trendy

Or antique is the new trend? Gone are the days when one would sit with their interior designer to choose the correct and suitable design for your room. Today, people opt for more earthy looking designs and aura like decorating their room with antique furniture, keepsakes and handcrafts.

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Antique is something which would never go out trend. Add a hint of wood to your furniture to give your space an antique look. Opt for more wooden furniture like wooden closet, wooden chest, wooded cabinets and vanity set, to complete an earthy look of your room. You can also add vintage clothing trunks to compliment your antique décor.

Reasons to choose antique over trendy

Choosing antique furniture and decoration gives your space a much needed character. Same old colourful themes of your furniture seem to look a bit monotonous after a while. But antique decoration is like an old wine which can never smell foul with age.

7. Adding canopy to your bedframe

The whole idea of adding canopy to your bedframe sounds so dreamy. It looks all luxurious, regal and elegant at the same time. It also makes your bed appear larger and give off a very comfy feeling to nestle away in a sweet slumber. You can also DIY your own canopy as it is a more budget friendly process than buying an expensive four poster platforms.

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Adding beautiful linen to the four postal platforms of your bed is the best way to add canopy to your room. Give you space a sense of Victorian feels by adding the linens and other duvets to different pieces of your furniture. You can also add small warm fairy lights on the canopy or the bed frame to add more cosy feeling in your space.

Reasons to add canopy

Adding canopy gives your space a more regal and luxurious look. It gives a sense of grand quality to your room making it more fairy-talesque.

8. DIY your pillows

Bringing style to your room doesn’t always need to be an expensive process. Making few small changes like adding beautiful DIY pillows can bring the best of your room with minimal effort. Piling on the pillows of different patterns and designs gives a creative feeling toy our space.

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Combine different styles and prints of pillow with each other- like mix large prints with small ones or floral prints with geometric ones, etc. Always remember to play with size by placing the larger pillows at the back and smaller ones in the front. Mix and match different colours and patterns by using contrasting colours, textured fabric and irregular shapes.

Reasons to add more pillows

Adding more pillows makes your bed look more sumptuous and elegant. Choosing the right size of pillows also makes your bed look more spacious. It gives you room a luxurious hotel like feeling making your bed look rich and comfy.

9. Add collection of your favourite things

Use your personal favourite things to decorate your room. It can be paintings, pictures, frames or anything closer to your heart. Cluster of pieces like you favourite family picture or a cute picture of a dog you found on internet or even a collection of pictures of your pet cat can fill the empty spaces in your wall and give your room a much needed stylish change.

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Your collection doesn’t have to be only of picture. You can add linens, lanterns, paintings, posters, personalised postcards and frames to make your room stylish. Elegant photographs add character to your space and make your room more comfortable to live in. You can also use wash tapes to decorate the corner of your collections that would make it look more cohesive.

Reasons to add personal collections

Adding photographs or personal collections than artworks makes you more emotionally attached to your room. It brings out your personality as a human being by complimenting your personal style statement.

10. Add some accents and accessories

Adding accessories to your room makes it look more stylish without a doubt. Accents and accessories like bedside lamps, fairy lights, mirrors, etc. are the best options for the accessories to decorate your room. Using soft overhead lightings like clip on lamps, tall standing lamps, strings of decorative lights, etc. instead of same old boring one head post light brings more characters to your room.

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Add scented or unscented candles or even battery operated candles on your desk to add soft glow to your room. You can always hang small mirrors above your dresser and bedpost or the longer ones on the ban k of your door or an empty wall to make your space look more stylish. Opt for the mirrors with fancy frames and uncommon design to make it more stands out. You can also decorate your shelf with your favourite collection of things, preferably small items to not make it overcrowd.

Reasons to accessories

Mirrors and lights create a magical environment in your room. It gives your space an element of mystic that portrays your personality as a stylist. Accessorising your room with such small detailing is a very pocket friendly process.

Where to shop for these things?

Upgrading your simple and monotonous room to a stylish one is not a very expensive journey; if you shop form these recommended websites. Most of the things mentioned in this article can be found in your home and would not cost you even a penny. For the other stuff, you can always visit sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Urban Ladder, Kraftly, Limeroad, Sanpdeal, etc. You can also get multiple discounts on these sites and shop for your favorite products at minimum price. You can also get great deals on Flipkart sale on Home decor which can help you to turn your room into a stylish space.


Tuning your bedroom into a stylish space is not a very difficult process. Adding few recycles pieces or a simple DIY can help you to change your room into something new. This article can help people to change their non-descriptive room into something stylish by incorporating them with different ways to create a new look for their room without spending much money.

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