About Us

Crezist has been started to fill the void that traditional media publications don’t provide, particularly on the fast-growing social Web. With a blend of personalization and informative story-telling, Crezist provides a unique voice that entertains, intrigues, and uplifts through a variety of articles in many different categories.
It has been created to fill society’s need for a positive, interesting spin on the world around us. Crezist has been started by 5 Internet Geeks who are willing to share everything that you need for an entertainment. Just what you need, we deliver the same. Whether it’s entertainment, information, or a cause, our stories are widely shared by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.
We’re neither political, but posses vast political knowledge nor a Oscar award winner but we have sufficient knowledge to entertain you by sharing the resourceful thoughts with you.
Our Team
We are team of dedicated people who manage Crezist.com. Here are our members-
1. Abhishek Jha- Abhishek is a full time blogger and take care of Technical and Business Section of the site.
2. Pooja Mishra- Pooja has done Master in English and here at Crezist, she is responsible for latest gossips.
3. Sunil Gupta- Sunil is an Engineering graduate and take care of latest news and entertainment section.
Apart from this we have many bloggers who write for us.

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