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How to Throw a Memorable Party

How to Throw a Memorable Party
Written by Crezist Team

Parties are something we use to mark the most important parts of our lives.  Births, graduations, weddings, promotions- things that change our lives positively get parties and are celebrated.  This fact doesn’t mean that you can’t throw them for simple things like holidays, or just wanting to throw one for fun- but the most memorable parties have something unique behind them. 

If you want to throw a great party and aren’t sure where to start to ensure nobody ever forgets about it: here are the top ways to keep your celebration on everyone’s minds.



The location is essential to keeping a party on people’s minds.  Nobody starts an excellent party story with “I was at someone’s house.”  Instead, make the location a place that will be interesting to bring up in later conversations.  Party boats, renting out bars, or even renting out an auditorium could be so much fun.  With movies doing poorly lately, many theaters are even offering out rentals at $100 per film: you could play their favorite movies while everyone has fun.


Deeply consider what theme matches the mood of the party.  If it’s a wedding, you can go with a ball and chain joke; if it’s a graduation party for a horror fan, you could make a haunted house themed party!  The theme isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it’s a big way to show you know the person being celebrated and help the people around them see them better.


Although you could easily connect some Bluetooth speakers to your phone– that’s not the best way to keep people entertained.  Hiring professionals to warm up the crowd with singing or performances can be a fantastic option.  Live musicians can get the partygoers into motion, and acrobats or magicians can thrill those who aren’t dancing.  Think about the party’s theme, the size of your venue, and what you can afford.  Entertainers are always an incredible conversation piece.


Pizza is a classic- but is it what your party needs?  Think about what food is best for the type of party you’re throwing.  Fish tacos for a party boat party, high-class dining for an engagement party, or even renting out a food truck can all be great options.  Ask your guests ahead of time to see if anyone has any food allergies or limits- and then create menus that they’ll be talking about for ages.  Even if you’re serving cakes or desserts, keep it interesting for everyone who attends!


Although you might think that inviting as many people as possible will make a party even better- that’s not always the case.  If it’s a birthday party, find people who matter to the birthday person- if who matters to them is Tom Cruise, you can always find them a Tom Cruise impersonator.  The rest of your guests should be people they want to celebrate with and want as a part of their night.  No inviting your neighbor just because they might be bored: aim for meaning.

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