Outdoor Sights to See in Little Rock

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If you are planning a visit to Little Rock or are thinking about moving to the area and enjoying spending time outdoors, there is plenty for you to do in the city! While many larger cities are not known for their green spaces or outdoor attractions, Little Rock is quite the opposite.

There are many outdoor adventures awaiting in Little Rock. Whether you are looking for a calming stroll through a park or an exciting thrill ride, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Consider the following outdoor sights in Little Rock:


Little Rock Zoo

If you love animals, you will surely enjoy spending some time outdoors and taking in the sight of all the animals at the Little Rock Zoo. With over 700 animals, the Little Rock Zoo is the largest zoo in Arkansas. The zoo is home to many animal exhibits including great apes, Asian elephants, penguins, big cats, and more.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

If you are looking for a little more adventure, you can head to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. Home to Pinnacle Mountain, this state park is known for its hiking, especially to the summit of the mountain. You can also enjoy some camping and mountain biking at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. 

Magic Springs Theme Park and Water Park

If you and your family or friends are looking for some thrills, you will love some outdoor time at Magic Springs, where you can enjoy the theme park, water park, or both. From thrill rides like The Gauntlet roller coaster to family rides like the Razorback Roundup Bumper Cars to water rides like Rapid Falls Raceway, there is something for everyone at Magic Springs. 

Burns Park

Another outdoor sight that has something for everyone is Burns Park. Burns Park is home to an amusement park, golf courses, a camping area, and sports fields. There is also a lake for fishing, off-leash dog parks, picnic areas, an archery range, natural surface trials, paved trails, a boat launch to the Arkansas River, and so much more. If you can think of an outdoor sight or activity, Burns Park is the place to find it.

Two Rivers Park 

Two Rivers Park is another great park for lovers of the outdoors. The park is located where the Arkansas River and Little Maumelle River meet. The park offers walking trails, biking trails, areas for wildlife watching, gardens, and a bridge that connects to the Arkansas River trail that is for pedestrians.
If you are a lover of the outdoors and enjoy taking in new sights and new adventures, there is plenty to do and see in Little Rock. In fact, there is so much to do that you may find yourself drawn to living in the area, and luckily, there are plenty of Little Rock houses for sale. From walking in parks to climbing mountains, there is something for every activity level. From zoos to theme parks, there is something for every interest in Little Rock.

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