Why is ITIL certificate necessary for IT professionals?

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If you are working in IT field, you must have heard this term- ITIL.

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library and is a set of practices for IT service management. It ensures that the IT services are aligned with the business needs.

ITIL take care of processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists and align it to industry standard and not the organizational standard. This ensures the whole industry is following the same standard ensuring the best practice.

Currently, the ITIL is managed by AXELOS which is a joint venture between Capita and the Cabinet Office and provides certification to all the IT professionals.

Now as you know what ITIL is, let’s see why you should get ITIL certification.


ITIL Certification Exam Details

ITIL mainly conducts four different types of certifications.

  • ITIL Foundation: It is a basic and first level of ITIL certification. This certification is mainly designed for those who have entered the field and looking to learn the industry standard.
  • ITIL Intermediate: Can be done after foundation
  • ITIL Expert: More advanced insights of the process
  • ITIL Master: Assures that the person can implement the ITIL process from scratch

Why Is ITIL Required For IT Professionals?

If you are in IT field and want to grow with the pace of the industry, certification is must and what can be better than the ITIL certification.

Here are some of the top reason for IT professional to do ITIL certification.

  • It increases the productivity and so you’ll be able to do more in the same time in a better way
  • Great ROI
  • No issue while auditing
  • Will be able to serve the client better
  • Best utilization of resources and the time
  • Can reduce the cost involved and increase the productivity
  • Help to grow inside and outside the current organization

Now as we know why ITIL required, let’s see how it will be beneficial for you.

Better pay for certified professionals: It is no more secret that certified professional get better pay. In a survey, it has been found that ITIL certified professionals receive average pay of more than $100k.

Preference in Job: if a couple of candidates are at the same level, preference will be given to the certified one
More demand: There is always a need for skilled people and so is the case with ITIL certified professionals.
Globally Recognized: This certification is not a company-specific or location specific. Once you do, it will be applicable to the entire industry.

How To Get ITIL Certified?

There are multiple institutes who offers ITIL training and certification assistance. First, you need to through ITIL Foundation course and then ITIL foundation certification.

Institutes like Koenig Solution provides ITIL certification training and you can easily complete it.


ITIL certification is very important for all working in IT field. It gives you better exposure and a way to implement the things as per the standard.

If you have not done this certification so far, it’s time to go ahead and get certified. You can also do the ethical hacking course from Koeing Solution.

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