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Track and Manage Your Affiliate links Using Shorty WP Plugin

shortyWP Review
Written by Crezist Team

Are you an affiliate marketer and struggling to manage your long affiliate URLs with the clicks? Well, I am sure many of us face this issue. I too faced and so I started searching for a solution for the same and found a WP plugin called Shorty WP. Here I am going to write about Shorty WP Review. Shorty WP is an ultimate WordPress cloaking and tracking plugin.

shortyWP Review

In this Shorty WP Review, we will discuss this plugin in detail and will let you know how it is helping me to manage the links easily. There are many other features of Shorty WP plugin apart from cloaking and tracking which we will discuss later.

Let’s start with Shorty WP Review and see how it will help you!


About Shorty WP Plugin- Shorty WP Review

Shorty WP WordPress plugin has been developed by Kash Media led by Gobala Krishnan and is operating from Malaysia. It is an all-in-one affiliate plugin especially developed for the affiliate marketer. With the help of this Shorty WP WordPress plugin, many affiliate marketers have experienced an increase in affiliate sake by 700% or even more.

And the best thing is, you don’t have to anything special or don’t need to be technical. All you have to do is, just install Shorty WP WordPress plugin on your WP dashboard and rest of the work will be done by the plugin.

So, if you’re also struggling with the multiple affiliate links then you may try this plugin. They also provide free trial which you can check initially and once you’re satisfied, you can buy the plugin. We will share Shorty WP WordPress plugin price later in this Shorty WP Review.

Shorty WP WordPress Plugin Features

Here are some of the amazing features of the Shorty WP WordPress plugin. You can use these features as and when required.

Shorten, Cloak & Track Links

Here you can shorten the long and ugly affiliate links to the short and clean URL similar to your website URL. This helps you to even increase the links clicks and conversion. From a research, it has been found that the conversion increases by 7 times.


Custom Geo-IP Redirect

Using this feature, you can redirect your traffic to the geo specific links and pages. This helps you to increase sales and conversion. This will be done automatically by the plugin.


Turn Blog Keywords into Links

Well, this is a very helpful feature. Here the plugin will scan your existing pages and posts and will insert your affiliate links directly in the keywords. This even helps you earn from the old posts without any additional efforts.


Link Monitoring & Downtime Alerts

Sometimes our sites go down or even link gets down or banned by the search engine which results into a huge loss. Using this plugin, you can eliminate this loss.


The plugin will keep on monitoring your affiliate link and if it will go down, it will alert you and you can act immediately.

User Access Levels

If you’re working in a team, this feature is for you. You can add your team members and provide them different access level. By this way, they will be able to see what their roles are and won’t have access to admin stuff.



The plugin dashboard also provides excellent reporting feature where you can generate sales report, click reports, etc. easily with just a single click.

Shorty WP WordPress plugin Pricing and Plans

Shorty WP offers three kinds of pricing options starting from $17 where you will get one license and in $67 you can have an unlimited license. There is no additional monthly fee involved here which you need to pay. Even you can upgrade the license later while using. You can find the pricing details below.


Shorty WP WordPress plugin also allows integration with many other 3rd party tools like Peerfly, ShareASale, etc. so that you can have direct integration and flow of data.

The company also allows 30-days money back guarantee and so you are in the win-win situation. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can ask for money back.


Shorty WP WordPress plugin is a very useful plugin for all the affiliate marketers. If you are seriously into the market, you can try this and can experience the increased sales and revenue.

Hope this Shorty WP review helped you knowing the plugin better in terms of use. You can follow the below link for more details.

Shorty WP Plugin
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Shorty WP Plugin is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for affiliate marketers using which you can track and manage all your affiliate links and increase sales.

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