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Linktrackr Review- Cloak and Track Affiliate Links Like PRO

Linkttrackr Review
Written by Crezist Team
If you are a marketer you might have come across several affiliate marketing tools day in and out. Some are useful while many are just a fraction of others. Being a successful affiliate marketer, I feel along with good strategy we should also select useful tool to make the work easy.
Linktrackr Review


Ever wondered, why many affiliates earn six-seven figures while others with similar effort and knowledge, get behind the scene? That’s because a successful person looks for an opportunity where even while sleeping they can earn money. They try to automate their manual work and ensures they have enough time to explore other stuff. And here the other segment of marketer lacks.

If you are an affiliate marketer or willing to be one, you should choose appropriate product to make your work easy. Especially link tracking, managing is one of the important stuff in marketing.

And here Linktrackr helps which automate all your work related to affiliate links easily so that you can spend time on more complex works. Here I am going to write about Linktrackr Review which will explain how this tool is useful for you.


Linktrackr Review

What is Linktrackr?

Linktrackr is a SAAS product developed by Kash Media. Linktrackr is one of the oldest product of Kash Media which manage all your links.

Linktrackr is a web-based online marketing tool designed to give you the same powerful link cloaking and link tracking software that the successful marketers use. However, while they’ve spent hundreds, and even thousands of dollars to develop their system, subscribers to Linktrackr need to pay only a fraction of what the others pay.

Since this tool is web-based, you can gain access to this anywhere you are, using any computer connected to the Internet. If you are looking for other products by Kash Media, you can look for our WP Shorty Review.

Let’s see some of the Linktrackr Features which will say how this tool will make your work damn easy.

Linktrackr Features

Here are some of the leading features of Linktrackr tool which you’ll be using very frequently.

Easily Track Sales & Leads


You can easily track real-time data related to your link clicks, conversion etc. You will be able to track every single sale in real-time and act on those quickly. With this, you can-

  • Track Source, Medium & Campaign
  • Set the conversion rules like if the user is filling your signup form or landing on some URL etc.
  • Make the reports like ROI, profit/sale etc.

Cloak & Track Affiliate Links


This is the best feature for which Linktrackr is known for. If you have ever signed up for any affiliate networks and got approval to promote any product, you must have seen how ugly their URLs are. To get the conversion, you need to have clean URL which will take users in confidence. Linktrackr does this work for you. For different affiliate networks, you can add tracking ID which will help you track from where you’re getting conversions.

Track PPC Ads


It has been seen that due to lack of tracking and approach, 95% marketers lose their money in PPC ads. Whether it is Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, you must track the URL, clicks etc. Usually, what happen, campaigns get expired and your ads are still running burning your money. These issues can be easily handled by Linktrackr.

A/B Split Testing & URL Rotator


This is another favorite feature I like with Linktrackr. It is very important for marketers to try different combinations in campaigns which we call A/B split testing. You can also use URL rotator where more than one campaigns can be tested on the same page.

Custom Setting for Cloaking and use your own domain


You can also set your own timings like session timeout, cloaking window etc. for a better result. You can also use your own domain for link tracking so that it will give another level of trust.

Linktrackr Pricing and Plans

Linktrackr offers different pricing plans so that it can satisfy everyone’s need. The plan starts at just $9 per month. Although I will suggest you go with $19 plan as it is best for individuals.

Linkttrackr Pricing

The company also offers 30-days money back guarantee and you can request for full money back without a question asked.


This was all about Linktrackr Review and how it works. I hope you found this Linktrackr review helpful while choosing your affiliate link Cloaker and tracker partner.

Features like real-time tracking, enforcement to use your own domain and low cost make Linktrackr a leading tool for the affiliate marketer.

Linktrackr Review
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Linktrackr is a great tool for all the affiliate marketers to cloak and track their affiliates links. It supports real-time tracking and ensures you’re are getting the best out of it.

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