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How to Create a Logo with Logo123 with AI enabled Service

Logo123 Review
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The logo is one of the important factors of the online business. A time comes when people recognize their brand from the logo. People usually spend on the website designing, content, and hosting but forget about the logo. But if you’re also in online business, you must not make this mistake else, in the long run, you may need to change again.

Logo123 Review

If you look into the below image, how much time you need to recognize the name of the associated companies? Seconds or hardly minute. Although it took years to make such name it all started with the brand name and identity. And so, you should have a professional logo for your business as well.

Generally, I have seen people not going with the professional logo as they think the cost associated with it will be large. But today, I want to demonstrate a logo designing company called Logo123 where even you can get the free logo. Of course, it will be basic as it is free but the premium version is also very cheap. Let’s start with Logo123 review and see how it will help you create a professional logo in your budget.


Logo123 Review

About the company

Logo123 is a logo designing and development company which is a part of Think Well Limited. It is a leading logo maker powered by artificial intelligence for better solution and experience. You can create logos in seconds that too free. Here are some of the benefits of having a professional logo in business-

  • Great marketing tool and brands your site from the crowd
  • Represents what your site or business stands for
  • Show off your creativity and expertise through your logo design
  • A logo boosts your blog above the competition, as most don’t have logos
  • Continually brings new credibility and professionalism to your blog

How to create a professional logo with Logo123

Let’s start and see how to create a professional logo using Logo123 in minutes in this Logo123 review.

First of all, head towards their home page and enter your company name as shown below-

Logo123 Review

Then select the niche of the business you are in so that the tool will show you the similar design.

Logo123 Review

The tool will show you some sample design which you can select for further editing or if you want to add slogan for the company, you can do so as shown in the below image.

Logo123 Review

Once done, select the design you have selected and recheck. If you want to change the color or icon, you can do so here.

Logo123 Review

Now either you can save this for a further design change or can buy now only. Once you will hit the buy button, you will have three options available.

Logo123 Review

You can download the low-resolution logo for testing free while if you need everything, you can buy so by paying $49. This is way below of what marketing companies are charging. If you want the Logo123 designer to help you with further customization, you can select the $99 plan and can get the logo like you want.

Features of Logo123

As said, Logo123 is using the artificial intelligence to select the color, font, and design selection and so you can expect one of the best design here. Here are some of the features of Logo123.

  • Artificial Intelligence powered system using their internal algorithms
  • All the logos are highly customizable and you can make them as your requirements are
  • If you need further customization, you can connect the professional designers of Logo123
  • Easy to use interfaces
  • Excellent collections of design, font, icons, colors, and graphics to choose from


This was all about how to create a free logo using Logo123 in this Logo123 Review. Hope you understood how to create a professional logo online for free.

As you say, if you just need the basic logo, you can get that for free as well. If you need a full flagged logo with copyright information, you can get that too in just $49.

  • Uniqueness
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use


Logo123 is a leading Logo designing platform where you can create logos yourself for free. It is an AI powered platform helping you to get a quality, professional, and unique design. If you want full fledged design, you can get in just $49. Also, if you need further customization from professionals, you can get it done in just $99 with three revision.

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