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Make Your Mobile Browsing Secure With Rocket VPN

Rocket VPN
Written by Crezist Team
The privacy on the internet is quite tough and when browsing the web, your data might get a leak. So, if you want to keep yourself secure, you may have to take care of extra precautions while using the internet and VPN is one among those.Rocket VPN


There are many VPNs available in the market and recently I came across Rocket VPN and found it reliable and secure. They are majorly into the mobile internet and in this Rocket VPN review, we will discuss all the aspect of Rocket VPN.


Rocket VPN Review

Rocket VPN is a leading mobile VPN service available for both Android and iOS. It can be a great choice for VPN when you want to access mobile internet.

By using Rocket VPN, you can easily censorship and navigate through any website without any hassle.

As a user, you can choose different geographical locations to access your mobile internet. The best part is that your identity remains completely anonymous. Even your mobile data operator is not able to track your activity.

Features of Rocket VPN

Here are some of the notable features of Rocket VPN one should know.

  • Quick Connection: You can be easily able to connect to the VPN and the internet. You can watch videos and browse the internet without negotiating with the speed.
  • Secured Server: Rocket VPN has their servers spread across different locations like UK, USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore etc. and all the servers are reliable and secure.
  • Bypass the Censorship: You can easily access the blocked site in your location by using the VPN location to other where the site is available.
  • Privacy: Your actual IP will be kept anonymous and so no actual record will be available to the internet. This ensures your privacy and security. Also, they don’t store any logs ensuring 100% security.
  • App Launcher: App launcher at their home screen ensures you are able to launch the third party apps very easily.

How to Install Rocket VPN

Now in this Rocket VPN, let’s see how you can install and run Rocket VPN on your mobile phone.

You can install the app from the respective stores as per the device you use-

  • Download for Android
  • Download for iOS

Once installed, open the VPN and click on connect button to get started with the Rocket VPN.

Rocket VPN Review

You will get a popup asking for the connection. Simply click ok and start using it.

Rocket VPN Review

Initially, you will be connected to the US server, which you can change at any point in time.

Rocket VPN Review

Here you will be shown different apps which you can launch from the rocket vpn secured browser.

Pricing & Plans

The company provides 250 MB bandwidth every month for free and if you feel this is what you will use every month, uses it for free.

Else for more bandwidth, you can try for paid plans starting from $2.5 per month.


Rocket VPN is leading mobile internet VPN software which you can try for both personal and professional uses. They offer the free plan as well which you can use initially and later move to the paid plan.

Hope this Rocket VPN Review gave you enough understanding of the VPN tool. Do try the software and share your feedback.

Rocket VPN Review
  • Rocket VPN Review


Rocket VPN is a leading mobile VPN software helping you to protect your mobile browsing. Check this Rocket VPN Review and install the software for your respective Android and iOS devices.

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