WebTextTool Review: A Perfect on-Page SEO tool

WebTextTool Review
Written by Crezist Team

If you are a blogger or SEO analyst or any online business owner, you must be understanding the importance of SEO.

It is the SEO which gives visibility, traffic and sales to your business for free. No matter how much you promote your site through paid for freeways but to sustain longer you must focus on SEO which comprises of mainly two techniques-

• On-Page SEO
• Off-Page SEO

The off page SEO consist of Link building, directory submission etc. while on the page is making your website or web post perfect as per search engine point of view.

WebTextTool Review

No matter how strong you do your off page but if your on-page is not perfect or if at least your site is not optimized for on page SEO then almost it won’t be possible to rank!

After using several days, I found one tool which helps you in your on-page stuff. WebTextTool is that tool and after using it for several days, I can say after using this tool, I can write articles freely without worrying about the SEO.

So based on my experience, here is WebTextTool review. In this WebTextTool review, I am going to share WebTextTool features, pricing and how you can get benefitted from WebTextTool.


WebTextTool Review

So let’s start with this amazing on Page SEO tool and first see what WebTextTool is and how it will help you in your SEO campaigns?

WebTextTool at a glance!

WebTextTool is an Arnhem, Netherlands Company helping you to write hassle free SEO optimized content and rank higher in the search engine.

WebTextTool stat

Used by over 5,000 smart content creators on a daily basis, WebTextTool is one of the most popular tools when it comes to SEO. The main reason behind the success of this tool is, it help you to write the content without even looking at the SEO perspective.

Features of WebTextTool

WebTextTool is rich when it comes to features and USPs. Below are some of the major feature features of WebTextTool which a content writer, blogger, and marketers need on daily basis.

WebTextTool features
Technical SEO

Don’t worry! I am not going to get into technical stuff and the tool will perform these for you. Here I mean to say from the technical point of view, applying required attributes to web pages which used to be on the back-end, where most mild-mannered content creators choose not to venture. Technical SEO changes can include improving page load times, applying micro-formatting, validating the W3C markup, and various other techniques.

What WebTextTool will do here is, it will perform all such tasks through their automated generic algorithms.

Focus on Content

No matter if you are not in search engine result then your page is almost is unused and it is just like a closed book which has lots of knowledge but no one is opening it. But again if you are in SE but not having useful information as you have only focused on Search engine then also it’s of no use as you are not providing any value to the users and so with the help of this tool, you can focus on your content, can include Images, Infographics, videos etc. and WebTextTool will analyze and will share their score.

Save Time

It is usually seen that people spend a lot of time just on on-page SEO and forget the other thing. In my view, you should spend equal time on both promotions and content and by this way, you can maintain the balance.

So as you don’t have to focus on the SEO or anything other than your content and so you can save lots of time.

Increase Web Traffic

While writing the content, this tool will give you the live optimization tips which will help you to optimize your content well and so you can rank and increase traffic.

Keep yourself updated with SEO changes

Google is very intelligent and keeps their algorithm to keep it more reliable, valuable and keep it out of the reach of the spammer to maintain its quality.

WebTextTool generates optimization tips based on thousands of SEO rules. By using WebTextTool your text always meets the latest SEO rules.

Apart from all these there are multiple other benefits those you will get with WebTextTool like-

  • Webtexttool also offers keyword analysis/research- This is an easy way to find the best keywords for your content
  • It also offers Rank tracker- It is an automated process to check your Google ranking and SEO score. It will also notify you when you need to take action
  • WebTextTool also has WordPress plugin (and Drupal coming very soon), so you can also use (most of) webtexttool within your CMS.
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How WebTextTool helps you?

All you have to do here is, just start with keyword research, which is the very first step of any SEO. In their interface, just enter your require keywords and it will also suggest you some beneficial keywords.

Here is a short video explaining it-

Now you start typing and at the same time, the dashboard will start showing you the score of your SEO in terms of on the page.

WebTextTool main checks the below parameters to evaluate the SEO-

• Page title
• Meta description
• H1 heading
• Bold and Italic
• Minimum number of words

Based on these factors it will show you the score and you can improve your score and write a perfect article.

WebTextTool freee account

WebTextTool Pricing

If you are just starting with your web presence, you can try out the free version where you can analyze 10 keywords in a month and create one project and page.

If you are a professional or a medium or big organization, consider the paid plans as shown below-

WebTextTool Pricing

What other says about WebTextTool?

Here are some of the words those have been said by their existing customers and looking at these, it is sure that, WebTextTool is an excellent, reliable and affordable tool to help you in SEO projects.

WebTextTool feedback

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