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Lucky Orange Review: Google Analytics Alternatives!

Lucky Orange Review
Written by Crezist Team

If you are overwhelmed by Google Analytics or just want an awesome alternative to it or maybe you to need more than those features at a single place at fewer prices, Lucky Orange is for you.

Lucky Orange Review

Lucky Orange is a perfect Google Analytics alternative with some extra flavor which doesn’t only help you to track your data but also allow you to take actions. Here in this Lucky Orange Review, I am going to share Lucky Orange Features, Lucky Orange products, Lucky Orange pricing and each and everything other.


Lucky Orange Review

Before going into the features of this tool, let’s see what exactly Lucky Orange is?

Lucky Orange is an Analytics tool which helps you to track each and every action of your visitors and take required actions immediately to convert it into sell.

You can play with the data of each individual session to see what and how a user surfed your site.

The best thing is all these just come at $10 per month. I think this is the most economical tool I have seen so far with these many features.

Lucky Orange Features

WebTextTool Features

Below are some of the major features of WebTextTool which help you to track your visitors, take necessary action and convert those into sales.

Analytics Dashboard

Their dashboard is very beneficial and compact showing all the data as a summary. You can have a quick look at these dashboards and can get an idea as for how your site is actually behaving.

Lucky Orange Dashboard


This tool records each and every session of your visitors and so if anytime you want to check what exactly your visitors do, you can check and take the required actions.

Lucky Orange Form Report

Heat Maps

Lucky Orange HeatMaps

Lucky Orange brings and shows interactive and beautiful heat maps which show how people read and interact with your site. Below are some of the features of Heat Maps-

• Aggregate lots of click data to form beautiful heat maps
• Mouse movement heats maps
• Scroll Depth heat maps (see how far people are scrolling down the page)
• Works with fluid layouts & different browser sizes
• Create heat maps based on date ranges, URL, browsers, location and more.
• Accurately finds the actual div the user clicked on instead of just using relative mouse coordinates.

Chat Tool

Interacting with the user in real-time is the best way to convert. Whenever you see your user is on the pricing page, using chat you can give some discount so that it will convert well.

Lucky Orange Chat

This tool is available for all the devices and can be used seamlessly.

Here are the features of Chat tool-

• Chat box stays on the page and follows visitor as they browse your site for a seamless experience.
• Can watch visitors screen while chatting with them
• Add Customized Pre Chat Questions, customizable colors, text, positioning
• Multiple Chat Operators and Operator chat room
• Operators can have profile pictures and subtitles
• Ability to transfer chat to another operator
• See when a visitor is typing, typed, stopped typing
• Simple dashboard lets you chat with many people at the same time
• Ask a user to chat, searchable Chat Logs
• Visitor can Initiate Live Chat

Form Analytics

Using this tool, you can check what are the problems that are with your forms due to which it’s not converting well. Discover which fields on your forms is causing the most friction and abandonment.


Here are the features of Form Analytics-

• Automatically calculate from metrics
• Abandonment Rate, Conversion Rate, Engagement Rate, Time to Start Forms
• Time Spent in Each Field, Which Fields are Most Often Abandoned, Which Fields are Repeated, What Order are Fields Filled Out
• Watch Recordings of People that Abandoned, to Learn Why


It’s a good way to keep the view of your visitors and so using the Poll of Lucky Orange, you can easily integrate the Polls and start asking for user opinion, polls, feedback, survey etc.

Lucky Orange Polls

This tool is highly compatible with all the devices.

Lucky Orange Pricing

First of all, if you first want to try the tool, signup and get a FREE trial for 7 days and if you are satisfied, continue with any of the below plans-

Lucky Orange Pricing

Here are the features those you will get with all the plans-

  • Automatic HTTPS/SSL support
  • Customizable privacy settings
  • Unlimited chat transcripts
  • Unlimited concurrent visitors
  • Unlimited heat maps (30 days)
  • Unlimited recordings (30 days)
  • Phone, email, and chat support
  • Feature guides, tutorials, & interactive walkthroughs

Lucky Orange is just an amazing Analytics tool which doesn’t only give you Analytics but also using the tools, you can reach tool and increase sales, after all, it’s just $10 per month.


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