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Watch this Amazing Short Film by Imtiaz Ali that Says Never be Judgemental

Personally, I don’t like people who are judgemental but the issue is there are a large number of people who are so. And I am sure you will agree to me. Some people have a tendency to judge the people just by looking at their background and profession but this is not good at all.

An Engineer can be a shopkeeper or a driver can be an Entrepreneur. So who are you to make your mindset about someone without actually knowing them.

This is a short film directed by the famous Bollywood director who has given films like Highway, Jab We Met etc. Imtiaz Ali and is from Window Seat Films production. Here Imtiaz has clearly tried to convey why you should not judge anyone without knowing anything. He has tried to convey his message by centring one prostitute who has good knowledge about investments and she gives an eye-opening reply to one her stockbroker clients.

Everyone should learn a lesson from this video and Imtiaz, kudos to you for highlighting such basic but very important issues in society.

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