DDoS-GUARD Review: Protect your site from DDOS attacks

DDOS Attacks
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If you are doing business online, you might be facing issues with the security or you must have heard about this. Also, if you have a popular site, then the chance of security attacks are even more. There is a time when the normal hosting doesn’t suit your business, and you need something different and advanced to tackle to the security.

DDOS Attacks

Among all these DDoS attacks are very dangerous. And to protect yourself from such serious attacks, you need something which can protect you from DDoS attacks. DDoS-GUARD is one such product which provides everything you need to host online, and products are DDoS attacks protected.

Before moving further, let me share what is DDoS attacks?


What are DDOS attacks?

As per Webopedia, DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Victims of a DDoS attack consist of both the end targeted system and all systems maliciously used and controlled by the hacker in the distributed attack.

how ddos attack happen


DDoS-GUARD is one of the leading companies which helps you against DDoS attacks. They have filtering nodes on huge interstate channels operated by leading communications companies. Geo-distributed filtering intranet, modern equipment, and innovative software solutions allow them to provide the best service for the customers and filter more than 1.5Tb per second of attacking traffic.

DDoS-GUARD uses deeply reserved channels, automatic hot standby reserve for every filtering node and 24/7 technical support. All these things allow them to provide average SLA of more than 99.5%, handling powerful and sophisticated attacks from giant bot nets.

DDoS-GUARD Products

DDoS-GUARD has everything one need to have to be secured from any DDoS attack. Below are some of the DDoS-GUARD major products which helps you to keep yourself while running a business online.

1. Protected Hosting

Hosting is something which ensures how your online business will behave as it decides how much time your site will be up. DDoS-GUARD uses CDN to protect your site and make it better. Content Delivery Network (CDN) and distributed filtering network with points of presence in the USA, Germany, and Netherlands.

Database and file backup every 3 hours, and protection against any kind of DDoS attack (1.5 Tbps or 120 000 000 PPS)

The price just starts at $150 per month for one domain, and if you need to host more sites, you can go with $400 per months.

2. Service Protection

DDoS-GUARD also provides complete service protection service which starts at $400 per month but every penny of it worth. Also, if you want the premium services like 24×7 support, personal manager, etc. you will have to spend few extra bucks, and this starts at $600 per months.

website protection

3. Protected Servers

DDoS-GUARD also provides protected servers and the server location is Netherland. The price of the protected servers depends on the type of CPU and other hardware and starts at $500 per month.protected servers

4. Website Protection

If you are having a website and want the expert team of DDoS-GUARD team to support, then it is good news for you.

site maintenance

They will take care of all your site and will keep it secure and run to get your business on top. The plan just starts at $80 per month. The price depends on the traffic and number of sites you have.

Customer Support

This is something unique with DDoS-GUARD team. They have a dedicated customer support team which is available to get out of any issue 24×7.

You can connect with them through any modes of communication like email, chat, call, etc.


If you are running a successful online business, you must think about these risks and attacks. DDoS attack is a serious issue, and here hackers do all that they can to destroy your business.

DDoS-GUARD is a very good company and by using their services you can protect yourself very efficiently.

Here is what some trusted customers says about DDoS-GUARD-


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