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How to Make Quality Logo using Sothink Logo Maker Pro

Sothink logo maker
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The logo is the identity of any business. There are times when you are known with your identity and like big companies do. Also, it is professional and business Etiquette to have a professional logo for the business.

Sothink logo maker

If you will see our logo, it has been designed by a professional logo maker company and its looks nice. They delivered in multiple variants and I was much satisfied with their work!


There are various reasons as why one should get a professional logo for their business or websites. Here I am listing few major reason as why one should get a professional logo.

• It Builds Initial Trust, which is very much required for the startups or any site. This will leave a positive perception on your customers
• It helps you to get new customers. It is the human tendency to select the good looking stuff. Remember when we are going to buy something and we select only the shop which is good looking, clean etc…? The same happens online as well. Either with the professional logo, you would be able to get new customers or whenever your target customer needs, you will be the first choice.
• Keep you ahead and stand out from your competitors.
• If your brand and brand identity is solid, you would be able to make your customers loyal.
• A professional logo also helps you to build trust.

There are much more reasons as why you need a professional logo. But sometimes people ignore this due many reasons like high cost, not available easily, didn’t like the design etc.

To avoid these issue and to get a professional logo for your business, there is one tool Sothink logo maker which helps you to design the professional logo yourself even for free!

I came across this tool a week back and I loved it…

What is Sothink?

Sothink is trademark name of SourceTec Software Co. which is known for their different software products likeSothink Logo Maker pro, Video Converter and Mac decompiler etc.

Sothink logo maker pro details

This software is doing amazing in the market and these are very popular in the online communities to get their work done.

I recently tried their Logo Maker and I was really impressed with the tool. Also, the price of their premium version is very low and you can create as many logos as you want!

Sothink Easy Logo Maker Pro Review

First of all, I want to make it clear that it doesn’t require any technical skills or designing skills. You just need to have a goal set for what kind of logo you need and depending on that you can proceed.

Sothink logo maker is an intuitive and extremely simple logo creator for you to design logo in minutes for web or print. You don’t have to be a professional logo designer to make high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. The rich templates, preset color & effect styles, and well-designed logo images will give you an endless amount of logo design possibilities.

The customizing options of this tool are really amazing and you can customize a template to the extent you are not getting your desired result.

Rich templates, preset color & effect styles, and well-designed logo images are some of their amazing features which help you to make an outstanding logo in less time.
Here we have compared Sothink logo maker with other well-known logo maker and see the output. Definitely, Sothink logo maker stands ahead.

Sothink logo maker Comparision

How to start designing a logo with Sothink logo maker Pro?

First, download the software from their websites. The software is compatible with all the OS and devices. You can download Sothink logo maker here free.
Once downloaded, install the tool and open it. You will get an interface something like below-

Sothink logo maker design

The interface is similar to Microsoft tool and so you will find it very easy to handle. Also, you can easily find all the tools.

Here depending on your requirement, you can start designing the logo or even you can take help of templates. See how I got a text written like below-

Sothink logo maker pro design

If you require any SWF icons in your logo, you can simply import it from their library and can make a good looking professional logo.Sothink logo maker pro tool

Sample Logo

Here are some sample logo available at the store. You can get an idea like which kind of logo you want.

Sothink logo maker sample logp

Features of Sothink logo maker

Here are some additional features of Sothink logo maker pro apart from what we discussed above-

• 680+ color schemes & 4,000+ logo graphics
• Re-editable logo & no hidden fee
• Full customization to logo images/texts
• Simply apply cool visual effects by just one click
• Rich output formats (JPG/BMP/PNG/TIFF/SVG)


As mentioned above, you can download and use the tool for free also but to get the complete feature, you will have to buy the software which just comes at $59.99 for pro version. There are many additional benefits in pro version.

Sothink logo maker pro price

You will also get 30 days trial for free of Sothink Logo Maker pro.


This was all about Sothink logo maker pro review and how to create stunning logos using Sothink logo maker. I am sure you will like the tool and will be able to make professional logos for your online venture.

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