5 Best Indian Rangoli Design Patterns

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Rangoli can be frequently seen in Indians festivals and any happy occasions. These are considered as a positive sign of happiness and also it looks beautiful. Even now corporates are also adapting this and you can find rangolis in offices also.

There are multiple types of Rangolis which are handcrafted for different occasions. Now some automated frames have also come but the kind of beauty you will find in hand-crafted won’t be in fixed design.

Here I am going to list few beautifully Rangoli designs for your reference with designs-

1. Free-hand rangoli
This is a very common form of rangoli which you can find anywhere but yet attractive. Here all the colors of sands are mixed and then Rangoli is being prepared.

rangoli design free
The sand is easy to work with and can be easily drawn out too if you happen to make a mistake while designing.

2. Alpana
Alpana is traditional Bengali rangoli. This rangoli is usually white since the liquid paste used for alpana is rice powder mixed in water. However, these days many households use white paint to draw out the rangoli. If you’re the kind who doesn’t want something too colorful, go for an alpana design.

rangoli design alpna

3. Flower rangoli
Like flowers? Then this rangoli is for you. This kind of rangolis is designed with sands and flowers which make these even more beautiful.

rangoli design floating

4. Wooden rangoli

If you’re an amateur at making rangolis, this type of rangoli is going to be relatively simpler. Moreover, this one also works if you don’t want to invest too much time and energy into making a rangoli. All you have to do is buy wooden stencils from the market that are easily available, especially during Diwali.

rangoli design wodden

Just place them on the floor and it is sure to add to the look of your house on this special day. If you find it too plain, embellish the wooden pieces with stones or you can also attempt at painting them.

5. Floating
This kind of rangoli has Dias, flowers, and sands. If you’re not one to spend time drawing out a rangoli with the usual sand colors, just get out big bowls, fill them with water and decorate them with floating rangoli.

rangoli design3

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