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Poptm Review: Bypass the Adblock and earn more from ads

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Most of the online publishers are worried about the Adblock that many browsers are implementing and the Adblock browser extensions. These are definitely decreasing the publishers’ revenue from the display and pop-up ads from their site.

We have a solid tool which can help you in this situation. Poptm is an ad network which bypasses the Adblock and helps you to earn maximum.

poptm review

This ad network will help you to increase your revenue even up to 100%. So are you ready to increase your ad revenue and bypass the Adblock?


What is Poptm?

Poptm is a pop-under advertisement network which is mainly known for bypassing the Adblock which in turn increase the ad revenue of the webmasters.

The best thing you will find with Poptm is, they share 95% of the ad revenue with the publishers and this is really the huge amount as most of the network just share 50-75% with their publishers.

poptm features

Also, if you have Alexa Widget installed in your browser, you will earn even 10% more. They accept all kind of sites no matter its traffic is in hundred or lac.

Poptm for Advertisers

Poptm is not only popular in publisher community but also in advertiser community as it helps to reach out to their targeted customers in very less price.

poptm advertiser

No matter you are a small advertiser or a big advertiser, you will be accepted into the network and can start with your ad and reach to customers in minutes.

Here are some of the features of advertisers from Poptm-

poptm advertiser features

Poptm for publishers

If you are a publisher and facing issues with Adblock then Poptm is best for you. Start in less than a minute and increase your earning even 100%.

poptm publisher

Below are some of the major features of publisher-

poptm publisher advantages

How to start with Poptm?

So if you are all set to join Poptm as an advertiser or publisher, all you have to do is, just follow the below options and get into an amazing and beneficial world of advertisement.

Follow this link and sign up for Poptm- Sign up for Poptm free

poptm signup

Once done, you will receive an email to verify your account. Just do it and you are all set to go. If you are a publisher, your dashboard will look something like below-

poptm dashboard

Also, there are some other benefits of it like-

• Create your account in less than 10 seconds
• Increase your income by 50% more than before
• Refer Poptm and earn up to $25 per referrer


Their payment system is very flexible and they do prompt payments on the daily basis, weekly or even monthly with minimum payout being $10 via PayPal.

There is also a refund policy in case you feel that campaign is not going so well and are free to ask for payout more than five times in just a day per user which is a profitable job.

The traffic rates are much cheaper as Poptm offers low-cost advertising. The cost per visitor with minimum rates is 0.001$. Apart from that, the minimum deposit is only 10$ which makes this as its best part which allows one to promote their ad at cheaper rates. The payment that Poptm makes is on a daily basis ranging from 3 to 24 hrs making it advantageous.


This was all about Poptm review. It is no doubt a tech savvy and on a new concept which helps the publisher to earn more and advertiser to reach to targeted customer very easily.

So what you are waiting for? Join now!

Poptm Review
  • Poptm Review

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