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India vs Australia t20 Matches Fixtures, Records and Highlights

Tomorrow we are having the T20 match between India and Australia in ICC World T20 and this match is like Quarter Final (not officially) as the team which will win tomorrow will enter in the knock out round and will play the semi final.

And that’s why this has become a matter of prestigious for both the teams. Both the teams are working very hard to win and enter in the final.

Currently Australia is above India in point table due to high points and both the teams need to do well to qualify form semis.

Here we are sharing some Fixtures, Highlights and records of T20 matches between India and Australia so far. Hope you will enjoy it.


India Vs Australia T20 Highlights and Records

Here are few short videos explaining these. Just enjoy & Share.

1. Highlight of T20 match between India and Australia in World Cup 2012 Semi Final

2. India vs Australia T20 Match Highlights

3. India Vs Australia 1st T20 Match

Hope you enjoyed these India vs Australia T20 Highlights videos.

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