Help Your Community’s Future Generations – Consider Becoming A Foster Parent

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The UK is facing a continuous crisis where thousands of children are being put into care each year. The reasons can be many. Many children are left in neglect by parents who are drug addicts or criminals. There are cases where the parents or guardians are too sick to take care of the child.

A lot of children who go into care have faced some form of abuse. Those who do not get into foster homes are placed in children’s institutions where they are vulnerable to bullying and further abuse. By taking up the responsibility of being a foster carer, you can play your part in giving this lost generation a little bit of hope.


The children who go into care belong to a wide range of age groups and backgrounds. Tahir Khan from Perpetual Fostering ( says that younger children often find homes faster and are easily placed by local authorities. Foster carers who are having children of their own at home need to ensure that there is a harmonious integration of the new child with the rest of the family.

Many experienced foster parents believe that it is necessary to sensitize their own families to the context of fostering – especially the kids. Long-lasting friendships can be expected as the children in the house welcome a new member, as long as foster carers allow the newcomer to settle in properly.

How Do I Become A Foster Parent?

The prerequisites for becoming a foster parent are quite straightforward. First of all, you need to be an adult and you should have a separate room for the child you plan to take in. Your financial health is important.

Even though there are no direct costs required for the child, foster carers cannot be in financially vulnerable situations because that will compromise the living environment. This is why people going through bankruptcy and similar situations cannot become foster parents. Physically and mentally too, you are expected to be able to handle the extra responsibility. A medical check-up and an evaluation is part of the application procedure.

There will be several meetings with social workers and representatives of the fostering agency. You will also be part of many training sessions. This is necessary because you will have to deal with certain scenarios that are unique to fostering. Apart from the training, you will also have a hotline to approach to in case there is any urgent counsel you need during the fostering period.

Compensation For Foster Carers

There are many costs involved in raising a foster child – the funds are provided by the agency or the concerned government department. As a foster carer, you will also receive compensation for your efforts. Your compensation is determined per the requirements of the case – those who have to provide more services are paid higher amounts (e.g. taking care of differently abled children).

Foster caring is not easy but according to the most experienced carers, it means a lot to them. Children who go into care have gone through a lot and to be able to make life better for them is a wonderful experience indeed.

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