6 Common Dreams And Their Popular Interpretations

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Dreams are a common phenomenon and almost every person experiences them several times a week. But have you ever seen the same dream more than once? Do you want to understand its deeper meaning? Do these visions even have meaning? Do they indicate anything about your past, present or future? Well, there is a lot of discussion about common visions and their interpretations. Over centuries, the human race has been making efforts to analyze dreams and find out about their hidden meanings. Here are a few common ones and their popular interpretations.



A dream about dying or the death of a loved one can be disconcerting but it does not indicate that something worse is around the corner. Death is rather an indication of an impending change and the fear or anxiety associated with it. The change could relate to a relationship, a career path or a job, and may be positive rather than scary.

Being naked in public

One of the strangest yet common dreams that people narrate is about being naked in public. According to researchers, this signifies that you may be apprehensive about revealing your shortcomings and imperfections in personal or professional settings. People who have just joined a new job, have got promoted or are in public view are more likely to get such dreams.


Falling from a height is something that almost everyone may have visualized in their dreams once or more. The popular interpretation of falling in a dream is that something is not going well for you. In fact, this may mean that you need to reconsider a choice that may not be right. It may also express the need to let go and enjoy life.


A dream about flying can be exciting yet frightening, particularly if heights scare you. Stan Millhouse from Psychic2Tarot explains that when you dream that you are flying but keep having to change course because of various obstacles, it often means that you are having trouble finding success in your real life. On the other hand, it may also indicate a deep desire for independence.

Losing your teeth

If you dream about losing your teeth, it means that you are concerned about your appearance. Some researchers link it with the apprehension of not being able to communicate properly. Teeth are associated with confidence and power and dreaming about losing them may indicate that you are worried about your ability to be decisive and assertive.

Taking a test

It seems that this vision is more common with perfectionists who have underlying stress related to failure. While this dream can be an indication of stress, it can also be a reminder to stay alert. For adults, these may signify the professional stress they face at the workplace. To dream that you have failed an exam or are unprepared or late for one, shows that you may not be ready to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Despite these generalized interpretations, dreams are unique and their meanings may be unique for every person. Still, these interpretations may be helpful as guidelines if you really want to understand the significance of your dreams.

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