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Ninja Blaster Review: Best Marketing Software

Ninja Blaster Review
Written by Crezist Team

Content marketing is the demand of today and Ninja Blaster is helping you with it. Here is our honest Ninja Blaster review based upon the experience we had with Ninja Blaster tool in the last couple of months.

SEO is not what it was a decade ago. Earlier with just an EMD we used to rank our competitive keywords but what now?

Ninja Blaster Review

These things have vanished. Now you have to take care of all the 200+ Goggle algorithms to rank. Also, authority and social signals play a very important role.

But getting a social signal and doing SEO is not that easy and you have to spend a good number of hours to do so.

Suppose you have to share your product or post in 50 Facebook pages then how much time it will take?

Ninja Blaster Review

A couple of hours would be needed to get all those. So to minimize the time and increase the influence, you can use some tool to automate these stuff. Ninja Blaster is one such tool. Here is Ninja Blaster review which will help you to automate your SEO work and also to automate your Facebook group sharing campaigns.

Ninja Blaster Review

What is Ninja Blaster?

Ninja Blaster is an amazing tool for automating social media and SEO campaigns. Andre Klapschinski has developed Ninja Blaster. Using this tool, you get an opportunity to Post to unlimited Facebook groups on Autopilot.

With Ninja Blaster, You can Join Unlimited Facebook Groups. It provides full spam protection, unlimited keyword suggestions from multiple SE, Photo Resize Pro Included, and Resize Your Pics with a single click and Much More. Ninja Blaster is the best marketing Software.

What Ninja Blaster can do for you?

Here are features of Ninja Blaster which can help you in your blogging and marketing needs. Just check the long list and decide how useful this tool is for you.

Ninja Blaster Review

• Keyword Research Feature.
• Simply Import Your Keywords.
• Ninja Suggests The Best Keywords.
• 5 Level Deep.
• Best Long Tail Keywords.
• 5 Different SE (Google, Bing…)
• All on Autopilot.

Resize and Optimization
• Resize Your Pictures With 1 Click.
• Keep Proportions.
• Fast and Quick.
• Easy To Use.
• Save Your Bandwidth.
• Save Your Time

Online Marketing
• Undetectable Software.
• Regular Update
• Fast Reaction on FB Changes.
• New Features in Work.
• Outstanding Support.
• Professional Coders.
• FREE For 3 Days.

Online Time Save
• Start Promoting Your Brand.
• See Instant Results.
• Massive Traffic Potential.
• Get Viral In Minutes.
• Simulated Human Activity.
• Use As Many FB Accounts As U Want
• Save A Lot Of Time And Money.

• Keyword Related Search
• Scrapes FB Emails
• Save Emails In TXT File
• Easy To Use
• Fast And Quick
• Import In Gmail Sender
• Start Your Promo

Promoting Your Brand
• Amazing Gmail Sender
• Send about 500 Mails/Hour
• No Costs
• Very Easy To Use
• Import Unlimited Mails
• Promotion Made Easy
• FREE For 3 Days.

• Craigslist Email Scraper
• Scrape Unlimited Mails
• Export Mails To TXT File
• Import In Gmail Sender
• On Autopilot
• Keyword Related Search
• The Easy Way To New Leads

• Get Unlimited Gmail Mails
• Finds Real Gmail Only
• Save Emails In TXT File
• Easy To Use
• Fast And Quick
• Import In Gmail Sender
• Start Your Promo

Facebook Groups Marketing
• Post to Groups You’re A Member Of.
• Select Groups, You Want To Post To.
• Select the Image.
• Select The Delay Between Each Post.
• No Stupid Facebook App Needed.
• Start Your Promotion Now.
• All on Autopilot.

• Keyword Related FB Group Search.
• Select How Many Groups To Join.
• Very Easy To Use.
• 1 Click And The Ninja Join Groups.
• Massive Time Saving.
• Massive Income Potential.
• All on Autopilot.

Facebook Fan page Scheduler
• FB Fan page Ninja
• Update Your Fan pages
• Schedule Posts For Fan Pages
• Schedule Multiple Posts
• 1 Click Scheduler
• Save Massive Time


Ninja Blaster provides different options as a pricing option. If you are just starting with a monthly subscription which is currently running at 66% off. It just comes at $9.95 per month.

Ninja Blaster Review

You can also go with yearly subscription which comes at $59.00

And if you don’t want to pay continuously then just buy it at $97 for the lifetime.


Ninja Blaster is a great tool for bloggers and web masters at very less price as low as $9.95 per month.

It helps you to scale your business fast and help you to get developed as a brand.

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