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Do you know, 90% startups fails? But why?

Impact of Video Ads

Although there are several reasons behind this but the majority of those are either due to the funding or the marketing. In this article, we will talk about marketing stuff as how companies fail to do proper and required marketing.

When it comes to marketing, it is not always sufficient to spend money on the campaigns but at the same time, it is also required to do the required kind of advertising and to the required audience.

Your presentation and advertising campaigns can give you sales up to 40% but if you want to make it maximum up to 80% or more than use Promotional Videos. In this era, most affiliate businesses and business owners make sales of $1000 a day by just making attractive, professional and awesome promotional videos of their product. Because they know promotional videos is a powerful way for converting traffic into sales which in return gives you good profit.

So can you feel the importance of the video marketing and promotions?

I am sure you are but you will find many people complaining about how to make a professional video as they don’t know how to create and companies demand hell lot of money.

If you are also facing the same issue, then I have the solution for you. Recently I found one online video maker tool, MakeWebVideo using which you can make professional videos your own and no need to depend on anyone.

makewebvideo features


MakeWebVideo Review- At a Glance

MakeWebVideo is an online video development tool where you can make any kind of video without any coding or flash knowledge.

Developing videos with the help of MakeWebVideo is very easy and you can complete an impressive video in no more than 30 minutes which will convert.

Also, it is very economic. You can get professional HD videos in just $29. Also, you can sign up and make a preview video for free.

Features of MakeWebVideo

MakeWebVideo is one of the leading tools to create professional videos instantly. They have traveled a long way to be at the leading position with the following amazing features-

• Affordable: MakeWebVideo is affordable and definitely worth it. The service starts at $29 and the maximum price of a template is $99.

• User-Friendly: It is 100% user-friendly and you can create spectacular and stunning videos using this interface without knowing any technical skills.

• Compatible: The software is compatible with every OS, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux etc.

• Fast Enough: Everything you need is already present online, and you don’t have to wait for anything.

• Templates: Pick your favorite template from a large number of templates they have, that have been designed by professionals.

• Pay after you try: You can choose a template, edit it, and if you are satisfied with the video, you can pay to download it or host it on the same site.

• Video Downloading: Videos can be downloaded in WEBM and MP4 formats without any watermark. All the videos are HTML5 format ready.

• Hosting and Video Player included: No worrying about hosting as they will host your video on their server. You can simply embed the video anywhere with the
help of their video player.

• It’s Easy: Apart from it being user-friendly, you can create videos easily using the Template of your choice and liking.

• Animated Videos: Animated videos can be made using inbuilt templates, which look attractive and run smoothly.

• Add your own Graphics and sound: You can edit videos and add your own sounds, images, and text.

• Money Back Guarantee: In case you are not satisfied with their service or the video, your money will be returned to you.

How to create a professional video with MakeWebVideo online?

So, now let me show you how you can create a professional video online with the help of MakeWebVideo.

All you have to do is, just follow the below steps and create your first video online easily-

1. Navigate to MakeWebVideo and signup using your Google account

2. Now you will find the screen something like below-

makewebvideo create video

3. Now choose the template on which you want to create a video. Let’s say I want a video to introduce my site and so I will choose Explainer Videos template.

makewebvideo create video

4. Just click on try it for Free and you will be taken to a page where you will have to complete some steps.

makewebvideo create video

5. Now all you have to do is, just complete the above three work like edit graphics and the other 2. It’s more kind of design and content what you want and you are done.

makewebvideo create video

6. Now, simply publish and you are done. Isn’t it so easy?

Why should you select MakeWebVideo?

So far you must have seen that MakeWebVideo is an amazing tool to create the video instantly. Here are some other benefits of using this tool-

• You’ll get a high-definition (Full HD) MP4 video, designed by some of the best video animators.

• Your video will be produced with Adobe after Effects, the best video production software.

• Your video will be based on a customizable template that uses advanced graphics and special effects.

• It’s easy. Just pick a template and customize the video online. It’s Free to make a preview video.

Bonus Tip: If you want to appear in those videos, then make sure you groom yourself very well. Buy some new clothes from which suit your brand. You don’t need to spend a lot of money here. Just use some discount codes from this page.


This was all about MakeWebVideo review. I hope you now got a clear idea about how to create professional videos online with the help of MakeWebVideo.

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