Need VPS? Start with HostSailor VPS just from $1.99 per month

HostSailor Hosting review
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If your site is having some decent traffic, you should move ahead of shared hosting and should think either of VPS or dedicated server. But if you can’t afford dedicated server so early, VPS is for you.

In fact, VPS is the combination of shared hosting and dedicated server. Here you will have more control over your server and you can customize, the way you want. Needless to say, security will get increased for sure.

HostSailor Hosting review

But usually the too high price of VPS and dedicated servers, people don’t try to get into it and compromise with the shared hosting.

We were also looking for some affordable VPS hosting and found HostSailor. HostSailor is a UAE based company and their VPS plan just starts at $1.99 per month and at least I have not seen any VPS at such a low price.


HostSailor Hosting Review: What is HostSailor?

HostSailor is a Dubai, UAE based hosting company which provides a complete range of online website services like hosting, domain, SSLs etc. But mainly they are famous for VPS and their services.

With 24x7x365 support and multiple data centers, HostSailor is a leading company in Hosting industry.

Now let’s start with the products and features of HostSailor

Products & Features of HostSailor

As I mentioned, HostSailor is a completely digital product company providing wide ranges of products to their clients worldwide. So let’s start with the different HostSailor Products, their prices, and features.

But before moving forward, let’s talk about the data centers.

Data Centers

HostSailor has mainly two data centers at the following locations-

• Romania
• Netherland

Both the data centers are equipped with high-class cutting edge technology and are capable of handling any kind of disaster.

These data centers have been developed and maintained in such a way so that it can be able to meet clients’ most rigorous network performance needs.

Why choose HostSailor?

Apart from the affordable pricing options and excellent support, there are many other qualities which enforce you to join HostSailor.

Below are a glimpse of the features-

HostSailor Hosting review


We checked the uptime and it is around 100%. In fact, the company claims to have 99.95% but you won’t face any downtime and so nothing to worry.

HostSailor Hosting review

What other say about HostSailor?

Customer feedback is very important and so we analyzed the feedback on some of the sites and found good views about it.

Overall 80% people says it very good while 20% says average-

HostSailor Hosting review

Now let’s start with the products!


Their VPS plan just starts at $1.99 per month and increases as per the server capacity and features. Below is the detailed plan for VPS hosting.

HostSailor Hosting review

And here are the special features of VPS hosting-

• Gig connections to every VPS
• IPV4 and IPV6 enabled VPS
• Hardware RAID 10 for optimum disk performance
• Weekly backups
• Managed services
• SolusVM Control Panel
• Flexible Upgrading / easy scalability
• VPS located in Netherlands
• Reverse DNS
• Instant Setup
• Free incoming bandwidth

Dedicated Servers

As they have a couple of data centers and so their server pricing differs with the locations.

For Romania location, price starts with $69.99 per month-

HostSailor Hosting review

This price increases as you go with higher CPU configuration. For 16 GB DDR3, you will have to pay $109.99.


You can also register any domain with HostSailor. Their domain pricing starts from $6.99 per year and there are a number of extensions those you can use.

SSL certificates

I am sure if you have visited some e-commerce sites then you must have noticed their URL started with https instead of normal HTTP like we have.

This is because they are using SSL certificates on their site…but why?

This is due to the fact that these sites use some data transfer and payment process and SSLs help to encrypt the data and so making the transfer more secure compared to what normal data transfer does.

So if you also have any kind of data transfer, consider using SSLs. There are many kinds of SSLs and depending on your requirement, you can use one which suits you. Below are some of the SSLs types as provided by HostSailor-

HostSailor Hosting review

Reseller Hosting

If you are a small business owner and want to sell Hosting at low scales, this can be for you. They have a couple of options like either you can Reseller plan or can be as an affiliate. Just register and they will take care of rest further.

Wrapping it up!

Hope you liked this HostSailor Review. If you have medium scale site, do consider VPS hosting or dedicated servers.

HostSailor can be the best place to start with VPS as it just cost $1.99 when even a decent shared hosting cost more than $5 per month.

HostSailor Review
  • HostSailor Review

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