Congress Burning Haryana? Check the Audio Tape

Jats in Haryana is on rampage and many people has been killed and millions of property have been destroyed in recent days. RPF, Army and state police are working hard to take the situation in control. In the evening, central government has formed a committee to take any decision on this Jat reservation.

Meanwhile a shocking news is coming from Harayana where a phone call has been tapped and from the call it seems that there is some involvement of Congress in this issue. Right now #congressburningharyana is trending on Twitter. Congress Burning Haryana is currently in trend due to the tapped audio call.

Leaked Audio Call between Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s political advisor prof. Virender Singh & Captain Man Singh Dalal (retd.), spokesperson of Dalal Khap Chaurasi proves it beyond doubt that Congress is Burning Haryana, Its Congress which is spilling blood on the name of Jat reservation.

Just listen how he is saying that the stir is not happening in “Sirsa (A small town near Punjab)”, It should happen there also. Ask your people to do it there also.

If this audio clip is real than this is very shameful for all and people should understand this and take care of this very seriously. We should not allow anyone to destroy our integrity.

Note: Crezist & It’s associated sites don’t confirm the reality of this video/audio.

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