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Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3: Decrypt Any PDF File

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3
Written by Crezist Team

I recently bought a PDF reader online from Flipkart using some discount coupons, and so I read a lot of stuff on it. PDF is one of the most widely used formats in the world for file transfer and reading mainly for the below reasons-

• Format doesn’t get changes
• File size becomes less compared to word and another document format
• Reading become easier
• Widely used format for text reading
• Supports multimedia files
• Security can be applied and much more…

Sometimes we send the file over email which contains sensitive information and is intended for some specific person. But what of someone else will find the file and will check the information in the file?

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

For such purpose people usually, lock the PDF file with a password. But the issue comes when you forget the password of that file.

Let’s say you have to submit some report and you forgot the password? In that case, you will have to try very hard for the data recovery using data recovery software.

I have come up with the very effective solution for this today!

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover is a very effective tool to remove any kind of password associated with the PDF file without affecting the data of the file. Here in this article, I will share Cisdem PDF Password Remover Review based on my experience so far. So let’s start with Cisdem PDF Password Remover Review.


Cisdem PDF Password Remover Review

Cisdem is a well-known software development company with wide ranges of products in a different segment which you can use on daily basis.

Below are some of their main products which are available for free and paid basis-

• DataRecovery 3
• DuplicateFinder 3
• ContactsMate 3
• AppCrypt 3
• PDFtoWordConverter 4
• PDFConverterOCR
• PDFPasswordRemover 3
• iPhoneRecovery 3
• DVDBurner 3

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3 is a unique tool which doesn’t only remove the password from the PDF file but also you can edit the file, copy the text and even print it without disturbing the format, alignment etc.

There are various features of this software and trial version is also available. I will discuss the pricing and trial later in this review.

It is an ultimate PDF password remover to help unlock all restrictions of both owner password and open password – open, edit, and copy and print your PDFs. With an easy-to-use interface, Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3 is your ideal tool to quickly unlock pdf password without data loss.

The only limitation is that the software is available only for the Mac users and without the original PDF tool also, you can use this software.

Now let’s see how to get started with the tool.

Getting started with the PDFPasswordRemover 3

First of all, you will have to download the PDFPasswordRemover 3 software which is free to download. Make sure you have Mac OS as it is not available for Windows operating system.

You can use this PDFPasswordRemover 3 Trial link to download the software. Once downloaded, just install the software and you are good to go.

• Open the software and you will have a welcome screen where you can either drag and drop the files or can add the files using the add file icon-

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

• You can remove the password of 200 files at a time.

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

• You can enter your user password if you know, or click “forgot” to recover the user password.

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

• Set your decryption preference to narrow down the search fields.

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

• Estimate speed and remaining time. You can save the progress to continue next time.

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

Why should you use Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3?

Here are some solid reasons as why one should use the PDF password remover of Cisdem-

• You can remove forgotten or unknown PDF passwords, especially recover the open password.
• Enable you to remove PDF password protection regardless of the password and encryption types used.
• You can easily open unauthorized PDF files and access whatever you want to know in PDF formats.
• You can gain the permission to print a secured document in PDF format, like e-books.
• Remove the restrictions to edit all protected PDF documents, add hyperlinks, create bookmarks, etc.
• You’ll get the rights to add or change comments, signs and form fields in any PDF files.
• No more restrictions to extract pages and copy & paste PDF text.
• You can save the time to retype content in locked PDF files.

What do others tell about Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover?

Here are some of the feedback shared by the existing users of the software-

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3


Depending on the users you have who will be using the tool, you can choose the pricing from the given below-

Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3

The Company also provides 30-days of money back guarantee and you will get your money back during this period if required.


Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover 3 is an awesome tool to deal with all the password and thereafter manipulation.

Do try this tool and share your feedback!

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