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3 Best Ad Testing & Optimization Platforms

best ad testing and optimization platforms
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For any online business especially if it is a knowledge driven site, advertisements are a great source of income. There are many bloggers and webmasters whose primary source of revenue is ads they receive on sites. But you will find many publishers complaining that those are not earning decent amount despite having massive traffic to their site.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

There are multiple reasons for this and few of those may be like below-

• Traffic is not targeted and so they doesn’t click on ad or not buying anything
• Site design is not standard
• Ad position is not proper and so on…

The last point is considered as the major among all and highly impacts the revenue you will generate. The ad position together with the color of ads and size of ads boost your revenue.

And so you should keep on experimenting with the ad position and should do split testing. But most of the times these are not possible manually and so we need some kind of tools to get this done efficiently.

In recent times, many companies have come forward to help you with ad testing and suggest you what is the best place to put your ads and what should be the other factors you should consider.


Why you need Ad Testing Tools

As mentioned above that the revenue you will generate from your site highly depends upon the ad position, their color, size and many other external factors considering you have enough traffic.

Here are the few factors which explains why you should use ad testing tools-

• Your earning will have multiple folds
• You need not to do manual experiments and instead their technology driven tools will achieve this
• These are either free (need ad unit) or cheap
• You will get consistent support with advertisements and many more.

Now as you know why you need Ad Testing tool and what are ad testing tools, let me share some of the best ad testing tools available for bloggers to earn more.

Best Ad Testing & Optimization Tools

1. Ezoic
2. AdBasis
3. Optimizer

Now let’s start with one by one and see which the best tool you should go with is.

1. Ezoic

Ezoic is used by over 20 Million people every month and so you can estimate how much people believe in them and how they are helping publishers to generate more revenue.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

Ezoic is a simple ad testing tool that helps you find the best places for your ads to show on your sites so you could get more clicks and sales. If you want to automatically do the A/B split testing to find the best ad positions and improve your overall site layout, Ezoic is for you.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

With Ezoic you will not only find the best ad position on your site but also have access to premium CPM advertisers from Google’s Ad exchange. Ezoic is a Google certified publishing partner, which means you can trust them in terms of reliability or payments.

Features of Ezoic

There are plenty of features of Ezoic which helps you to earn more from the same traffic and same site with the same number of ad units but what change you will see is the increased revenue.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

• Test Ad Positions: You can hand pick as many as 1000 ad positions for your website. Ezoic ad tester will find the best combinations that suit for each page to increase your overall clicks and ad visibility.

• Mobile & Tablet Layouts: The good thing about Ezoic is it is not just limited to desktops. It automatically creates ad variations for even mobiles and tablets as well.

• Layout Testing: Layout testing in Ezoic systematically uses the data (time spent on your site, page views per visit and bounce rate) to choose which layouts best maximize user experience. It also improves your website ad position on each page to increase your website’s ad revenue.

Benefits of using Ezoic

Apart from the fact that it will help you to increase the revenue from your website, there are many more features you will get with Ezoic.

1. Show up to 5 ads per page- Yes, with Ezoic you can add more number of ad units compared to normal 3 and so again increasing the revenue.

2. Access to Google ad exchange- As Ezoic is Google’s certified publishing partner and so you will have access to thousands of ad exchange program and so you can increase your revenue with right ads and with right audiences.

3. Increase Income- Of course, this is the reason you will be joining any ad testing platform and be sure, you would be able to increase it by at least 50%.
What Ezoic consider finding the best ad position?

You must be thinking that what are the factors Ezoic consider before suggesting you the best ad spaces and other factors like ad color, size etc.

SO here are the 5 factors they check. But the best thing is, these are not being done manually and instead their technology driven platform does this and suggest you the best.

• The positioning of your ads
• The size of the ads
• The colors of your ads
• The number of ads to show
• When to show your ads

These factors decide what is best in case of your site.


First of all no matter which plan you will subscribe, it will be free for 30 days. Post 30 days, if you will see an increase in revenue you can continue with any of the below Ezoic Pricing plans-

best ad testing and optimization platforms

• Free Plan: Yes, post 30 days also if you want to use Ezoic free, this is for you. Instead of charging anything Ezoic will place a small ad unit at the bottom of your site.

• Pay as you Earn: This plan is for big publishers. Here you will have to pay a certain amount of your earnings to Ezoic. Suppose you’re earning $2500 per month, you’ll have to pay $39 to them.

• $19 per month: This is for business sites and medium scale sites where no matter how much you will earn; you will have to pay $19 per month.

The best thing is, it takes just 20 minutes to set up your campaign with Ezoic and can start money within a day with them. Most publishers see revenue increases of 50% if not more from testing ads. This is because Ezoic not only optimizes ad positions, but also per user. For example, a user arriving from organic traffic might see different ad combinations than someone arriving from Facebook at night. All the ad serving and yield optimization is done for them through DFP.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

Looking at the features and factors, Ezoic is definitely one of the best Ad Testing tool currently.

2. AdBasis

AdBasis is another tool which helps you to test the ads and earn maximum revenue. AdBasis began with a simple idea, to bring a scientific process and approach to digital advertising creative; our core focus and fundamentals have not changed.

AdBasis is also one of the leading ad testing platform. With their recent round of investor funding, they are working more aggressively on technology driven platform.

Features of AdBasis

Here are the detailed features of AdBasis. But before moving further, let me share some of the products using which makes AdBasis, the top choice-

• Search
• Display & Remarketing
• Mobile App Install

We will discuss all these in detail later in this best ad testing platforms. For now let’s start with the best features of AdBasis-

• Ad content, design, & messaging

The AdBasis ad builder allows you to easily and rapidly test ad creative at scale. Our Adobe Photoshop integration frees you from design bottlenecks and puts the testing power back in your hands.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

• Keywords, demographics, & schedule

Uncover the optimal funnel for every “purchasing scenario” that makes sense for your business. Every audience is different and will potentially possess a different key to success.

best ad testing and optimization platforms

• Device & landing page

AdBasis will automatically find the optimal combination of landing page and ad creative for every audience, keyword set, product line and device.

How AdBasis Help you?

AdBasis creates, tags and tracks your search funnel metadata in order to isolate individual variables that make the biggest impact on ROI and performance.

It also helps you to automatically & dynamically deploy Ad variations at scale.

Here is what AdBasis do to help the brands-

best ad testing and optimization platforms

3. Optimizely

Optimizely is easily the best A/B split testing service you can possibly use right now. It’s simple to use, has a clean interface, and the best support to handle any and all of your technical needs.

Optimizely goes beyond your typical A/B testing though. It was designed to deliver you streamlined data so that you can actually identify trends and patterns to make an advertising campaign as profitable as it can possibly be. Perhaps that’s why Optimizely is the most widely used A/B split testing services around the world by marketers.

Features of Optimizely

There are a number of features of Optimizely due to which customers love them. Here we have gathered some of the amazing features of Optimizely-


• Easy Integration: Optimizely only uses one line of code in your HTML to enable you to test any variation of your campaign you create. This process will literally take you two minutes to complete and then you can instantly start split testing.

• Custom Goal Tracking: Optimizely enables you to track anything you desire. This includes, engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups, or anything else that you could possibly want to track.

optimizer 2

• Advanced Split Testing: Want to run a day/night split test? Perhaps, you want to see whether or not weekdays or weekends convert better. Optimizely allows you to be flexible when, how, and what to test at any given time.

• Tool Integration: If you’re already using Google Analytics or KISSmetrics, then you’re in luck. Optimizely has a custom API that will easily integrate your data into both of these analytics tools along with several others.


They have mainly three packages running on and depending on your need, you can subscribe to one-

optimizer 1

• Bronze Package $19/month: Essential features, targeting, and personalization
• Silver Package $79/month: All the features in bronze + cross-browser testing
• Gold Package $399/month: All the features in silver + multivariate testing, visitor segmentation, and multi-page funnel testing.


These were some of the best ad testing and optimization platforms. You can start with them depending on your need. Ezoic and Optimizer are the old and reputed players in the market and you can go ahead for free as well.


Let us know which platform you are using for enhancement in your earning.

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