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SalesCatalysts Review: Skyrocket your email marketing

SalesCatalysts Review
Written by Crezist Team

SalesCatalysts Review: Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing and provides the highest ROI as of now. But it is not that simple as it seems to be.

You need to have a proper email marketing software which can automate your campaigns for the better result. Recently, I was reviewing many email marketing software and came to know about SalesCatalysts.

SalesCatalysts Review

After going through SalesCatalysts, I can say that it is one of the best email marketing software to be used. You can run your email marketing campaigns from SalesCatalysts without worrying about any other tool.

So let’s start with the SalesCatalysts review and why SalesCatalysts is a leading email marketing software.


SalesCatalysts Review

SalesCatalysts is a complete email marketing software which provides all the features starting from collecting emails to sending emails and tracking those emails for the conversion.

SalesCatalysts Review

Started in 2003 with an aim to enable the email marketing services at the very competitive prices, the company has grown globally from Hong Kong.

Companies like Lenovo, Hyatt, Ferragamo, Pacific Coffee, Li & Fung, KAO, Nestle, etc. are relying on SalesCatalysts for their email marketing campaigns and for the success of it.

SalesCatalysts Review

The company provides many other services apart from email marketing like-
• Contact Management
• Email Marketing
• SMS Marketing
• Sales Force Automation
In this SalesCatalysts review, we will focus on the email marketing software of the SalesCatalysts. I will be going through each and every detail of SalesCatalysts review so that you can use it for best ROI.

SalesCatalysts Email Marketing Features

Here are some of the remarkable features provided by SalesCatalysts email marketing software.

Email Builder

Email builder helps you to create your email marketing message in a quick and simple way. You do have to know about HTML programming where you can simply start editing your content on their built-in templates.

SalesCatalysts Review

You will have many other features in the email builder like below-
• Inbox Inspection
• Image Map
• Personalized Email Content
• Online Content Grabbing
• Free Content Hosting & Online Version


Sending correct emails to the correct people is very crucial in the email marketing. The person who has subscribed you for the entertainment may not be interested in the business related stuff and vice-versa.

For this reason, you can divide your list into the group and based on that you can send them the message.

SalesCatalysts Review

Below are the categories based on which you can segment your email subscribers –
• Static Group vs Criteria-based Group
• Response Based Segmentation
• Target Exclusion
• Address De-duplication

Email Delivery

SalesCatalysts have a high-speed global delivery network. Campaigns are sent through a distributed network across multiple internet backbones. With over 400 IP addresses for bulk email delivery and supported by daily monitoring, the risk of your marketing emails being classified as spam is kept to minimal.

SalesCatalysts Review

Their infrastructure is able to send 150k emails/hour which is really recommendable. Here are some of the other features of it-
• Generic Email Address Filter
• Safe Unsubscribe Protection
• Spam Risk Analyzer
• Daily IP Cleanliness Check

Campaign Intelligence

You can maximize your conversion with this feature. Track your recipient like who has opened your email, which has clicked on it etc.

SalesCatalysts Review
All these data will be shown on your dashboard for better management and tracking. Here are the details for which you will be receiving response and tracking-
• Opens, Clicks, Bounces, Unsubscribes & Forwards
• Geographical Tracking
• Device and Tool Tracking
• Domain Performance Analysis
• Respond Time Analysis
• Click Heat Map
• Campaigns Comparison
• Communication Histories
• Contact Status Management
• Response Based Segmentation & Export

List Booster

With the help of various tools like
• Intelligent Data Import
• Opt-in Form Generator
• Viral Marketing: Forward My Friends
Your contacts in Excel, Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, general database systems, etc., will be screened and imported.

SalesCatalysts Review

With every email, SalesCatalysts adds one button called “Forward this to my Friends” as they believe words of mouth is still one of the best ways of marketing and it converts.

Pricing of SalesCatalysts

SalesCatalysts provides three different kinds of pricing to suit all kind of users. Let’s discuss all these here in this SalesCatalysts Review in details

Free Plan

If you have a list up to 400 contacts and send 12000 emails per month, SalesCatalysts provides you the email marketing service completely free.

SalesCatalysts Review

Monthly Plan

In the monthly plan, you can subscribe to any plan depending on the emails you send per month starting from just $1.79 which gives you 600 email credit. All the plans are irrespective of the email subscribers you have.

Their payment options are also flexible. You can choose to prepay on a monthly basis, quarterly (10% discount) or yearly basis (50% discount). The prices listed above and below are discounted prices on a yearly prepayment arrangement, which are definitely very good deals.

SalesCatalysts Review

Refill Plan

The last pricing type is refill plan which is the most flexible type. There is no limit on the number of email subscribers and you will not be billed automatically on a regular basis like the monthly plan. Instead it is “pay as you go” type which you buy what you need, and refill new credits again on a need basis. This is the best for marketers who may not run email marketing campaigns every month.
SalesCatalysts Review

To get started with SalesCatalysts, you can simply sign up and start with email marketing.


SalesCatalysts is one of the top email marketing software and service providers. If you are a newbie and want to start with email marketing, you can go with the free plan.

As soon as you will start getting leads, you can switch to any paid plan and boost your email marketing campaigns.

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