LogADS Review: Pop-Under Ad Network

logads review
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LogADS Review: LogADS is a pop under network connecting the advertisers and publishers worldwide. Pop under ads can be very useful for advertisers if they are targeting the broad audience and can be very beneficial for the publishers if they own download related or viral sites.

logads review

LogADS have almost all categories of sites and companies who work in different niches. But if you have the websites and business in the following categories, then you will have great options-

• Games
• Arts
• Technology
• Sports
• Business

You can estimate the popularity of the network with the fact that, currently it is serving over 10 Million. They are focusing on providing to all the advertisers best results optimizing the advertising strategies: targeting channels, landing pages, campaign optimization etc. impressions a day.

Their technology enabled systems allows you to cover the pop-under ads on all kind of devices like desktop and mobile devices.


LogADS for Advertisers: LogADS Reveiw

LogADS provides worldwide traffic at one of the best CPM on the market so that advertisers can get the maximum benefits at very competitive rates. Their pop-under ad solutions combine intelligence, logistics, analysis, and optimization not only for advertisers but also for the ad networks, leading to the best possible results.

logads advertiser dashboard

The best thing I found with LogADS is, there will be a campaign manager with you every time and will help you to customize your campaigns for the best results. They will also keep you updated with your campaign updates and results and will suggest you for the maximum benefits.

Here are some specifications for the advertisers and features those are being provided by LogADS-


• Geo-target: all countries or particular advertising targeting

• Operating system target: desktop or mobile

• Channel target: a great number of categories and advertiser can choose from

Minimum Deposit

• Minimum Deposit: $50

• Payment processor: PayPal, Payoneer

Campaigns Approval

The advertising campaigns are activated in maximum 12h.

Advertising Model

CPV – Cost per view (pop-under ads) – starting from $0.003

Also, one thing we should note here is, LogADS do not accept websites with adult content, websites with illegal content and websites that proved to make use of malicious software that can be harmful to network end-users.

LogADS for publishers

If you are looking to monetize your website or adding pop-under ads as another ad model to earn more, LogADS is one of the best solutions for you.

logads publisher dashboard

Also, as there are no certain rules for the amount of traffic and niche and so you can get easy approval and you can start with it very fast.

All you have to do is, just apply for the publisher’s account by signing up and providing the URL of your site and once your account is approved, insert the code into your website and done!

Your visitors will start seeing the ads and you will start earning money from the clicks your visitors will do.

Here are some of the amazing features for publishers by LogADS-

• Premium advertisers

• 100% fill rate for pop-under ads

• Competitive rates for pop-under ads

• Exclusive market advises and dedicated account managers with years of experience on pop under ads market

• Easy and timely payments (monthly – NET 7, $20 minimum payout)

Believe me, LogADS is one of best ad networks who have publisher friendly rules and you will earn some serious money from it.

Their support team is also very active and will help you in any situation. At LogADS advertising network publishers will have access to hundreds of advertisers and they will see a great variety of campaigns for almost all countries.


This was all about LogADS review. So if you are looking to monetize your site and earn money from full page pop ads, LogADS can work best for you. Also, the NET 7 payment method is a USP of the network.

Which network are you using to monetize your website?

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