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Infolinks Review 2016: Should you join it or not?

infolinks review 2016
Written by Crezist Team

There are a number of ways to make money online. All you have to do is, work hard, experiment with different types of ads and continue with the one which suits you. Today I am going to share Infolinks Review 2016. It is another ad network which is considered as best AdSense alternatives. We will discuss this later as why it is considered as best AdSense alternatives.

Usually, whenever anyone starts a website, the first thing that comes to mind for monetization of that site is Google AdSense, not because it is best but due to the fact that it is from Internet giant Google and is one of the most trusted ad networks.

infolinks review 2016

But as it is the most used network and so to maintain their quality, the approval process is not that simple and so all the sites can’t get into the network easily.

So what else, if not AdSense?

Here comes the other player of the market like Infolinks.


About Infolinks: Infolinks Ads Review 2016

With over 1.5 lac publishers worldwide, Infolinks is one of the leading in-text ad networks currently. The other includes Chitika to name others. They are in the ad market since years and is a name of the trust.

With the time, they have studied the market very closely and have come up with many solutions and different ad format apart from the one for which they are known for InText ads.

Infolinks Review 2016

Today in this Infolinks Review 2016, we will be taking you each and every feature of Infolinks and will share why it is best AdSense alternatives?

Infolinks Ad Types

Earlier Infolinks had only one In-Text ad but with the time being they have come up with three more categories and now serving total 4 types of ads. You can use all or those which suits your site best.

So, let’s starts with the different Infolinks ad types-

1. InText Ads

Like AdSense is the first name when someone thinks of monetizing a website, similarly, Infolinks is the first name when someone thinks of an InText ad network.

infolinks review 2016

In InText ads, you don’t have to spend extra space for ads like you do in display ads. Here all you have to do is, just place the Infolinks ads code in your website and the code will automatically make some keywords as an ad and whenever someone will click on those keywords, you will make money. Below is the example of it.

2. InTag Ads

Depending on the content of the website, in InTag ads, the network will make tags as the ad and whenever someone will click on it, you will make money.

infolinks review 2016

3. InFrame Ads

If your majority of visitors are from large screens then this ad is for you. In this ad category, your unused spaces on the site will be used like left and right sections after sidebar. It will be like a banner ad and won’t take your valuable places of your site as below.

infolinks review 2016

4. InFold Ads

This is the newly introduced ad unit by Infolinks. This ad unit takes advantages of search and display. If you have good search engine traffic, this will be the best fit for you!

infolinks review 2016

How to Customize Infolinks Ads: Infolinks Review 2016

This feature is best we liked about Infolinks ads. You can customize your ad units for the best fit to your site and enjoy maximum from it.

Here are some of the tips to optimize ad units-

1. Make the color of ad units similar to your website color so that people won’t be able to distinguish which is an ad and which is the content and so your click will be more.
2. Infolinks InText ads come with both single underline and double underline options. Usually, publishers keep the links as a single underline item and so you should customize the InText ad for single underline itself so that ads won’t be identified.
3. Keep your background of ads either transparent or use the same color which your site has.
4. Use some high CPC keywords to increase the cost per click so that you can increase the revenue per click.

If you are following these tips, you can increase the revenue generated from it for sure.

Why is Infolinks the best AdSense Alternatives?

So now let us take you through some valid reasons as of why Infolinks is the best AdSense alternatives?

There are multiple reasons behind it and we will be taking you through some major reasons.

• Getting into Infolinks network is comparatively easy and no matter you have less traffic or high, you can get into it.
• Ideal for fewer traffic sites as well
• Different types of ads and so you have wider options available
• Trustworthy network and payment will be on time
• Hardly takes couple of days to get approval
• Multiple payment options like

And this list continuous…

How to get started with Infolinks: Infolinks Review 2016

Getting started with Infolinks is not a tough job. Just in a couple of minutes, you can start with it. Just follow these simple steps and signup for best AdSense alternatives ad network, Infolinks.

infolinks review 2016

• Use this link to sign up free
• Fill your details and submit for approval
• Once approved, visit your dashboard and generate the code
• Integrate the code in the head section of your site and done.
• If you are a WordPress user like us, you can download Infolinks WP plugin to get started easily.

Affiliate Commissions

Infolinks affiliate commission is quite wonderful and you will be getting 10% throughout your referral publisher will earn. So if your referral publisher is earning $100 per month then you will also get $10…isn’t that extra butter?

Infolinks Payment and Payment Proof

Infolinks works on NET 30 basis which means you will get paid once in a month and there are multiple payment methods are available. You will get paid after 45 days once you will reach the payment threshold which is different for a different mode of payment as described below.

You can get paid by any of these methods- PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck and Bank Wire transfer. For PayPal and Payoneer the threshold is just $50 which is easily achievable.

Here is the Infolinks Payment proof-

infolinks review 2016


This was all about Infolinks Review 2016. Hope you liked it. Infolinks is really a great ad network and a trusty one. You will get paid on time without any issues. Their dedicated customer support team is available 24×7 to help you in any need.

The earning depends on many factors as described above and also depend on the source and location of traffic. The tier one countries like the US, UK will have higher CPC compared to countries like India. So target to get traffic from tier 1 countries or a mixed of.

Did you like this Infolinks Review 2016? Are you gonna join Infolinks?

If you have used ever, share your experience with us.

Infolinks Review
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