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How to design a cool looking T-shirt for your family

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Written by Crezist Team

If you are planning to buy a T-shirt for you or your family but you are not satisfied with the default and repeated designs available in the market then I have a solution for you.Why don’t you design one for yourself?

Yeah, I am not kidding. You can easily design a cool looking T-Shirt for you and your family online in minutes. Today, I am going to share one tool with you using which you can make arts for T-shirts. The tool is Sothink Logo Maker Pro. I had written a detailed review of Sothink logo maker pro earlier and in this tutorial, I am going to share how to design a cool looking T-shirt for your family using Sothink logo maker pro.

But before moving ahead, let me share some pro tips for better T-shirt designs.

Pro tips for better T-shirt designs

Here are some of the amazing tips to create excellent T-shirt for your family. Be careful while color selection and designs as those will be used by your parents as well.

Sothink Logo Maker

• Take your time and explore your concept: That means choose a theme based on which you will design like any festival or celebration etc.

• Imagine the design on a shirt: This will be the raw like how it will look like

• Detail is king but keeps things simple: Just don’t overcrowd the design

• Colors matter a lot: Definitely one can understand this and so you should do the experiments with it.

• Prepare your artwork properly

• Source a good printer

Now let’s start with designing a T-shirt for your family using Sothink logo maker. If you don’t know about Sothink logo maker, I would recommend you to check my Sothink logo make pro review first.

Design a T-shirt using Sothink Logo Maker Pro- step by step method

Sothink logo maker pro is available for 30 days trial and you can start with the free version. Just follow the below steps and start-

1. Download the tool using this link

2. Extract the zip file and install it

3. Once done, open the tool and you will find like below-

Sothink Logo Maker

4. For example, I am designing the T-shirt for Happy new year, then just go to the Festival section of the template and select the theme-

Sothink Logo Maker

5. Remember here we are designing the graphics that will come on the T-shirt on the theme of Happy New Year.

6. Now do some decoration like if you want to add a year (2017), place it or if you are designing for dad or mom, you can write it as well.

7. You can also add some SWF file or can import another image from your system as per your requirement.

Sothink Logo Maker

8. Just show your creativity and you can design a stylish graphics for your T-shirt, which your family must like. I just spent 2 minutes and came up something like below-

Sothink Logo Maker

So by this way, you can design some stylish and attractive T-shirts for your family.

Sothink Logo Maker

This tool pricing is also very less and you can get as low as $59.99 only. So just try this tool and design attractive graphics in minutes.

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