Clicknety Review

Clicknety Review
Written by Crezist Team
Clicknety is a pop under advertising network where advertisers can but the traffic from sites as well as publishers can sell their traffic.

Clicknety Review

You can buy and sell both mobile and desktop traffic so no matter what kind of visitors you have or you are targeting, you can get that done on Clicknety easily.


Clicknety Review

Mobile Traffic: Clicknety advertising network delivers mobile traffic from cell phones and tablets and you can target the most common operating systems.

Desktop Traffic: With Clicknety, you can target the most common operating systems: Mac, Windows, and Linux.

How to advertise using Clicknety?

Clicknety can be a primary choice for the advertisers who are looking for the pop-under ads for targeting the users because of its ease of running campaigns.

Advertisers can create campaigns using hassle-free HTML/JavaScript code. Clicknety purely works on the bidding system.

Another benefit is, the minimum amount that you can in your Clicknety account is just $50 and you can make the transactions using various payment systems like PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer etc.

Here are some of the reasons as why you should go with Clicknety being an advertiser-

Being an advertiser you can visitors by location.

• You can target unlimited keywords.

• Advertisers can block certain IP addresses to maintain the quality of traffic.

• You can pause and resume campaigns at your convenience.

• Advertisers can target mobile and desktop traffic.

• Clicknety always helps advertisers to maximize their ROI.

• Dedicated account managers assigned to qualified advertisers.

• Reporting system

• Advertisers can bid for $1 per 1000 impressions.

Buy Mobile Traffic from Clicknety

Mobile traffic is on the boom and almost every working ones are using the smartphone nowadays and so targeting them can be a smart decision.

Clicknety provides you the option to buy mobile traffic as well apart from the conventional desktop traffic.

Clicknety Review

Advertisers can either go with iPhone and other mobile devices with full internet browsers option or target specific devices and mobile operating system. Please find the below screenshot for more info.

The impressions are delivered from the publishers on the system with full page pop-under ads or redirects directly from their website and network partners. These are high-quality traffic and so there is more chance of conversion.

Buy Targeted Traffic

This is another great feature by Clicknety. They know that every advertiser has different need and so they may need some customized traffic as well.

Some advertisers may be targeting some particular location like US and UK traffic may not be of their interest.

With Clicknety, you can customize your need and get what you want based on various parameters like keyword, location, language, device etc.

One thing here I want to mention is, the advertisers must not use malicious codes in landing pages/ads. Make sure the ads are clean and virus free. Being an advertiser doesn’t try to mislead the visitors with fake offers.

Sell Traffic through Clicknety

If you are a webmaster and owning some websites and want to monetize your traffic through pop-under ads then Clicknety can be your ideal destination.

Until the time you are satisfying the criteria of the network, you can join them. Although there are not many hard rules you should not have porn or PTC sites.

Also, there are not accepting any sites which are hosted on free platforms like Blogger or Tumblr.

Here are some features of Clicknety publisher program-

• 100% fill rate

• Full page under advertisements

• Clean ads

• Clicknety accepts worldwide traffic

• Low threshold payout

• Referral program

• Good support

The payment will be done on Net 1 basis and threshold is just $10. You can get your payment through many modes including PayPal.

Referral program

Publishers can boost their earnings with the Clicknety referral program. They can earn 10% of the referred advertiser spending and 10% of the referred publisher’s earnings.


If you are a publisher who is looking to sell web traffic, Clicknety can be your last destination as you will receive some good advertisers here who will pay some good amount for it. Similarly, advertisers can buy some quality traffic and can convert to the customers.

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