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Best Online logo Maker
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Heard this line?

“Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English–but are great in remembering signs”

True…logos are your identity. How many times we wait to read the name Apple to identify an Apple product or how many second you take to identify an Audi care?

Definitely, these can be identified easily. Their names are their identity and they are known from that.

Best Online logo Maker

No matter in which sector you are, you should always try to build a brand. And to build a brand, you should have a good and readable name and a good logo.

Just check our site, the name of our site is CREZIST, which actually doesn’t have any meaning but it is readable easily, it is eye catchy and can be branded and so you should also take care of such things while choosing the name of your next venture.

Next come is the logo. People spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get a good logo. It’s not always necessary to have some sign in the logo. You can craft your company name also and can make it as a logo. Just check our logo. We have mixed up I & S and it gives a cool look.

Do you know how much we spent on it? In three figure to get a perfect logo and so thought why not make a blog post to list all the major Online Logo Creator?

And here is the post where we have listed few Best Online Logo Maker sites and have explained their features and methods as how you can create stunning logos using these Top Online Logo Maker sites.


Best Online Logo Maker- Top 5 sites!

Although there are hundreds of sites online to get the best logo done for your company but here is the list of few companies which we have compiled and have worked to design the best logo. For some of the sites, we have designed ourselves while for others, we got a custom logo designed.

These sites are just arranged in random order and you can check their features and other details and can decide which suits best for you.

• OnlineLogoMaker
• Designimo
• Free Logo Design
• LogoType Maker
• Sothink Logo Maker Pro

Now let me start with all these one by one.


OnlineLogoMaker is one of the oldest tools to design logo online and that too for free. If you don’t want to pay for the logo then this OnlineLogoMaker tool can be your one of the favorite destination to design the best logo.

OnlineLogoMaker Review

Working since 2010, OnlineLogoMaker has made a lot of changes since their inception.

With OnlineLogoMaker, you can’t only create stunning logos but also you can create invitation cards, banners, headers, business cards or anything else that your mind can reach.

OnlineLogoMaker Services

Features of OnlineLogoMaker

OnlineLogoMaker is currently one of the best tools to design the best logo online for free. They are considered as the top brands when it comes to online logo design.

OnlineLogoMaker Feature

Below are the features which make them amazing-

• A lightweight, functional and clean interface
• Hundreds of symbols of various categories to choose from
• The right tools to rotate, resize and transform your logo
• Logo ready fonts selected by professional designers
• More than a hundred- thousand logos by users worldwide

How to create a Logo with OnlineLogoMaker

Getting started with OnlineLogoMaker is very easy and it won’t take more than a minute to sign up!

• Click OnlineLogoMaker sign up a link to register yourself.
• Once done, login to your dashboard and start with the categories-

OnlineLogoMaker Dashboard

You can select the icon from the categories you want and edit it as per your need. Also, there are many customization options available like adding multiple icons, font settings, sizes etc.

Also, you can save your project for free and if later you want to edit it, come simply and edit as per your need.

You can also take the help of their tutorial for a better understanding of the tool and to design a stunning logo for free.

Price: Free

LogoType Maker

LogoType Maker is another cool platform to consider while creating a logo online and is one of the best online logo makers. I have used this tool and found this really amazing.

LogoType Maker Review

With just one button press, you can have thousands of sample logo done already. Now all you will have to do is, just edit those logos as per your need and start using it.

With Logotype Maker editor you have the possibility to personalize your logo by changing color, font, shape, size, add Clip-ARTs and play with positioning and effects.

LogoType Maker Sample Logos

Here is the reason as why to use LogoType Maker for my works. Can you see the below logos? Yes, these have been developed from LogoType Maker platform-

LogoType Maker Example

Features of LogoType Maker

There are a number of features of LogoType Maker which makes their platform unique and valuable.

Below are some of the amazing features you would like-

LogoType Maker Features

You can add as many icons and clip arts you want and make the text as decorative as you want. Here is some clipart you may want to have your logos for best effect-

LogoType Maker icons

How to Start Designing Logo with LogoType Maker

First, sign up for the LogoType Maker and by logging in visit their dashboard. You can also sign up through Google or Facebook accounts.

Now choose the category like your site or business is of which category. For example is it of Tech, Travel etc. This is being done to ensure that they will suggest your correct icon.

Now type your company name and hit enter and hundreds of logos will be ready.

LogoType Maker Editor

As you can see, I tried from this site Crezist and found multiple options in each category. Also, one thing that should be noted here is LogoType Maker provides both Free & premium logo and free logos will be marked as free at the top and for customizable you will have to pay. The charge is around INR 1499.

Once you will be at the final page, they will also show you the other design for needs like mug design, T-shirt design etc. as below-

LogoType Maker Options

Choose if you need and pay for it. That’s as simple as it sounds.

So if you are looking for some good logos, LogoType Maker can be your best fit for online needs.

Price: Both Free & Premium

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is also a simple but very helpful tool to create fastest and easiest logo online for free.

Just enter the name of the company and select your niche like your business falls in which are and hit enter. The Free Logo Design tool will suggest you hundreds of design to choose from.

Just choose the one which you like the most and start customizing it. You can add arts, clips, make text looks awesome, can add some lines, can tilt the design as per your need and finally download the final logo for your online venture.

Free Logo Design Review

This is as simple as it sounds too and also very fast!

Free Logo Design is a logo maker entirely free allowing entrepreneurs, very small and medium companies, artisans or associations to create professional looking logos in few minutes.

This is the most advanced HTML5 logo maker/creator in the market, allowing you to use our tool hassle-free through a smartphone or a tablet. With Free Logo Design, you can design your logo whenever and wherever you want.

How to design a Logo with Free Logo Design

Just type your company name in the above field and choose your niche. Here I have entered my site name and have selected the niche as Technology and hit Start button and see what result I received-

Free Logo Design Interface

Now select any one design which suits you better and starts customizing it. See what I got after doing it-

Free Logo Design Logos

You can download your designed and customized the logo for free in simple 200*200 size. But if you need higher resolution, you will have to pay $39 and with this pack, you will also get the different format of your logo like PNG, SVG, Vector, PDF etc. for further use.

You can also design a business card, site, and T-Shirt further at the same platform as shown above.

So, for small scale sites, you can design a completely free logo and if you have a business then you can go with paid one. In either case, you will have a good design for sure.

Price: Free & Premium


Designimo is a fermium online logo generator where you can get a simple and low-resolution logo for free but if you need high-resolution logo then you will have to pay $29.95.

Designimo Review

Like the other logo maker, you can also design your stunning logos in minutes. Here are the features of Designimo which make them one of the top online logo makers.

Designimo Features

Designimo Logo Sample

Here are some of the sample logos those have been developed with the help of Designimo platform-

Designimo Sample

How to start with Designimo

You can start with Designimo by using this link and enter your company name and can select the category. Depending on the category you will select, their automated platform will suggest you some of the best design for logo-

Designimo Dashbaord

Once you have customized your selected logo, you can sign up for Designimo and download it.

Designimo is also one of the top online logo makers which you can use for your personal and professional needs.

Price: Free & Paid

Sothink Logo Maker Pro

Sothink logo maker is an intuitive and extremely simple logo creator for you to design logo in minutes for web or print. You don’t have to be a professional logo designer to make high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc. The rich templates, preset color & effect styles, and well-designed logo images will give you an endless amount of logo design possibilities.

Check the complete Sothink Logo Maker pro Review here.


The logo is a must have things for any online venture. The brand is something you should try from the day one.

It’s not like if Logo is the best have stuff then you should spend hundreds of dollars but as you have seen above, you can design free logo also using these best online logo maker.

Do you know any other Best Online Logo Maker sites to make a great online logo?

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