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AdsBridge Reveiw
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Often marketers find it difficult to get right tool at the right time and if you are among them then this article is for you.

Here I am going to discuss tracking software, which is the only tool you may need for all your online marketing campaign. No matter you are an affiliate marketer or handling the online marketing for any company, AdsBridge tracking tool can be the perfect one to fill the gap between the ad and the analytics and their related resources.

AdsBridge Reveiw


Even though there are multiple features of AdsBridge which can help you at each moment in online marketing, but here I am going to focus on pinpoint without which you can’t get all the flavor of online marketing. So let me share my personal experience about this tool.


A Glimpse of AdsBridge

AdsBridge is not a new company, so almost all the experienced marketers know it well. If you have good traffic to your campaigns, use AdsBridge and scale it up and be sure for results.

It is their hard work and smart solution which gives them the feedback like below from the top marketers like John Chow, Zac Johnson etc.

AdsBridge Feedback

If you really think as how it can help you with all your affiliate marketing needs, then just check the below services offered by AdsBridge:

AdsBridge Features


Features of AdsBridge

AdsBridge is currently considered as #1 tool for affiliate marketers and this is not simply the position. It’s about the trust they have made and the result they are delivering year over years.

Below are some of the amazing features by AdsBridge for all the marketers who are looking to scale up their campaigns.

• The Web & Mobile Tracking
• Precise Targeting
• Landing Page Builder & Free Hosting
• Automatic Campaign Optimization
• Extra-Fast Redirects
• Unlimited Custom Redirect Domains
• Multiple Campaign Reporting
• Real-Time Stats & Reporting

This list doesn’t end here and extends like below-

AdsBridge Detailed Features

One thing here I want to mention is the support. I have hardly seen a support like AdsBridge provides. You can expect quick and reliable support from their dedicated team.

In fact, it is the service response time, due to which I am planning to change my Hosting which is currently DreamHost.

Now, let me show you few best features which I like the most.

Manual Cloaker/Bot Filter

How many times have you faced the issue where you have received hell lot of traffic but the very conversion from an affiliate marketing campaign?

Well, I am sure many times and you must have experienced that those are not the actual traffic simply the bot which has either been sent by spammers or from your competitor to destroy your campaign.

But how you will detect whether it is a bot or not?

Let’s suppose you have much traffic which exists on the site for a fraction of seconds then those are bot traffic. Your competitor may send this kind of traffic to impact your campaigns negatively.

Using AdsBridge you can detect all the bot traffic by manually setting filters by IP and IP ranges, referrer, user agent, ISPs, and other through other parameters so that your campaign will be safe.

You can check this detailed guide on Bot Filter on AdsBridge official blog.

A/B Testing for best result

Tell me honestly, how many times you have heard this term?

I am sure whenever you could have visited any good blog or have read any marketing or analytics related article, A/B testing or split testing are the common terms you have faced. But what is the reason to focus on it?

We are in the era where everyone wants to have more and more from the fewer sources and here this testing works!

A/B testing helps you get more results from the same source. Suppose you are running a CPA campaign and you are getting an ROI of 5% which means for every 100 clicks on your ad, 5 people are filling up the form or buying it depending on the nature of the campaign.

This is not a very good ROI and if you want to scale it up, you will have to some experiment like you can tweak your title/content/URL form etc. and this is what A/B Testing with AdsBridge does.

It analyzes the performance of your ads and compares them. So, A/B testing allows you to direct traffic to the ad that works better and get maximum out of your campaign. Here is an amazing infographic by AdsBridge showing A/B testing.

Multi-User Access & Roles

AdsBridge tool allows you to create multiple users under one account and assigns role per your need. For example, some of your team members will have access to your account, which you can easily limit. Thus, you can do it by visiting your dashboard to create and assign the users.

AdsBridge Multiuser Access

How to Start your First Campaign with AdsBridge FOR FREE?
Well yes, you can start with AdsBridge free. Let me show you how you can use AdsBridge for free, if you want to try and then you can opt for a premium plan for the best result.

• Click AdsBridge Free Sign up link to register for free and fill up the required basic details
• You will receive a welcome email to verify your account, do that!
• Now, you will be redirected to the dashboard:

AdsBridge Start Campaign

This is the dashboard page where you will see the summary about your campaigns.

First of all, you have to make this simple steps:

Create traffic source
Create affiliate network
Create an offer
• Now click on the Campaign link from the left panel and start your first new campaign
• Fill up the details and proceed further-

AdsBridge Start Campaign-1

Once you are done, it will show your campaign summary like this which will have all the links and for tracking.

AdsBridge URL Tracking

Once you have created the account, you can play with all AdsBridge features and figure out what works best for you according to your requirements.


The pricing of AdsBridge completely depends on the number of visits you are expecting to receive and the features you want. Below is the detailed pricing chart for you.

AdsBridge Pricing

To sum it up, I am quite impressed by the AdsBridge features, support and performance after using it and I am sure you will like it too. Moreover, over the past week, since I have applied AdsBridge for my web-site, I got great traffic performance analysis that helps me control all my traffic even when the customer leaves my web-site.

So, if you are an affiliate or online marketer or run a company which works in the online industry, AdsBridge can be a perfect tool for you. Hope this AdsBridge Review will help you decide and set up the AdsBridge campaign in a better way!

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