What snus is?

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If you are a smoker or follow around it then you might have heard about snus. In this post we are going to talk about what snus is and why we should not be making it a habit.

It is the moist ground tobacco product people use as an alternative to direct tobacco. Even if anyone is looking to get rid of the smoking they start consuming snus. Although snus is also not a good thing it is comparatively less harmful compared to direct tobacco consumption.

People consume snus by keeping it in their mouths between the top lip and the gum. It is available in a small pouch and always kept under the top lip. The ideal keeping time for snus in the mouth is 30-60 min and after that it starts losing the flavor.

How are suns made?

Snus is also a tobacco product itself and is definitely not recommended for anyone. It is a tobacco product and a consumer of snus can be always at a high risk of serious disease.

To create the snus, raw tobacco is grounded into a powder which can be like flour. Further salt is added by stirring. Later on the whole mixture is heated and this process is called pasteurization.

After the above process is completed, the mixture is cooled down, and later on further ingredients are added. Finally, quality control is being done before it is packaged and made available in the market.

This snus is available in many forms in the market and you can find more details about the flavors here.

You will also find another product called Dip and people compare it with Snus. Let me tell you what their differences are. The dip is basically an American snuff and is fermented and snus is steam-pasteurized and then salt-cured.


This was all about what snus is and how it is created. We also talked about why people start using it and we should avoid consuming it. You should avoid consuming tobacco in any form to keep yourself healthy.

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