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You might have heard from many smokers that consuming the formatted tobacco products is not harmful. But this fact is not true. Any product which is made of tobacco is very harmful and can cause some serious diseases to your body. Here in this article, we will talk about some of the top snus facts.

One thing you should note here is, any tobacco product is harmful to your health. We all deserve a healthy & wealthy life and so we should avoid using any such products.

But there are many people who start using snus to quit smoking. That makes some sense but those need to ensure that again snus should not become a habit.


#1 Snus is not safe

Yes, this is the fact that snus is not safe. Basically, snus is a fragmented form of tobacco. It is filled with many flavors in the raw powder and then packed in the pouch. These snus packets are then kept in the mouth between the upper lip and gum. Usually, people keep such snus packets that are kept for around 30-60 mins in the mouth. Another thing is, snus come with many flavors and you can find the details of the flavors here.

#2 It is injurious to health

There are many kinds of diseases that can arise from snus as well. Although the risk is less compared to raw tobacco but still very harmful. The consumer of the snus can also be on the verge of lung cancer. Although people who have started consuming snus to get rid of smoking can have some relief as snus doesn’t cause smoking-related problems.

#3 Does it risk others?

No, snus doesn’t pose any risk to others. For example, if you are consuming suns that doesn’t mean people around you will get impacted as well.

#4 Stop Smoking

Snus has become pretty popular in many countries especially Sweden and Norway. The smokers in these two countries are adopting snus more when they want to leave smoking.


This was all about 4 top snus facts which you should know. If you will look into the above, it is a fact that people who want to come over smoking can use it. You can find a detailed report here on the risk.

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